The young woman and her boyfriend died after drinking the police: Dutch act

Young police boyfriend supernumerary

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< p > Xiu Xiu / > said, although LiuMou Wen Xiaomei very intimate, but two people often quarrel," once I saw him to her skin is black. I also advised her, let her break up, she was also promised to be good, then do not know how the two people together again". In fact, reporter according to Xiaomei phone communication record asked Xiaomei more than friends, they both said LiuMou Wen and Xiaomei often quarrel.

was going to go home for the lunar new year in April engaged

may die, Betty has refused to accept. Xiao Lan said, in the afternoon of April 8, Xiaomei about the end she together back home, and in the fourth lunar month in the home with the blind date engaged. At the beginning of April may from Shenzhen will own two boxes of clothes sent back home. For Xiaomei of suicide, Xiaolan disagreement, she thinks before the death of Floyd and LiuMou Wen in the room during certainly under the stimulation of certain, "and Xiaomei's room is small is more than 10 square meters, she if jumping, normal reaction should is to prevent the". < p > in Xiaolan doubt, southern reporter the day before yesterday called the telephone LiuMou Wen, but he said his recently very vexed, don't want to speak, hastily hung up. Eastgate Street Office of the relevant person in charge confirmed, Liu Mouwen Street Department supernumerary personnel, recently has not come to work, in conjunction with the police investigation. When asked whether Liu Mouwen is married, the person in charge said: "there should be a bar". Nandu reporter Liu Chen


1 what happened in the 4 hours?

Liu Mouwen came in for nearly 4 hours until Xiaomei died in Xiaomei home, what happened? According to the police, the deceased Mei and her boyfriend LiuMou Wen in the room drinking until midnight, during the altercation, yellow (ADA) jumped to his death. According to another friend Xiaomei and Xiaolan sister introduced, Xiaomei and LiuMou Wen often quarrel, Xiaomei also once for a address and phone to cut off contact. The night of the incident, two people quarrel why? Why may choose to commit suicide?

2 Liu Mouwen will be subject to the relevant penalties? < according to Xiaomei relatives and close friend Xiu Xiu, LiuMou Wen Department of East Gate street do staff and married, and Eastgate street do relevant responsible person also confirmed Liu Mouwen Street Department Office of supernumerary personnel. According to police, Liu Mouwen and Floyd for men and women friends. Do a work in the streets of married men suspected of extramarital affairs, whether there is a violation of the relevant requirements? If there is, in accordance with the relevant provisions, he will be punished? < p > informed the police

4 on October 3, Xu, East Gate police station next report to the police said at the East Gate drying cloth on the east gate of the world, a unit of a woman jumping, after receiving the report, police immediately to the scene to investigate. The understanding, the woman falls Hwang, 27 years old, people in Guangdong Lufeng, according to her boyfriend Liu (34, Shenzhen people) to reflect the, two people on April 23 days 9 when Xu in the room to drink until midnight. During the altercation, Hwang jumped to his death. After forensic investigation found no suspicious circumstances, the initial determination of the death of Hwang Department of suicide.

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