China's most cattle bus bar iron first show: try to run successfully

China bus wide

ITzhijia· 2016-08-02 23:37:16

8 Sept. 2, according to the plan, after the debut in the nineteenth session of the Beijing High Tech Expo China stereo bus "batie" will be the Qinhuangdao trial run, the latest news shows, this is called the "bus" most cattle Chinese Pakistan iron in Beidaihe has been successful test run.

, according to reports, the Palestinian iron also called the straddling bus, is a power driven model with a large volume of public transport, China's original invention. Body is divided into four sections, each section 12 meters long, it is a bus giant. Body design length of 58 to 62 meters, width of 7.8 meters, the need to cross the two motor vehicles. Is divided into two layers, the upper layer can carry 1200 to 1400 people, the lower hollow, hollow bottom height of 2.1 to 2.2 meters, 2 meters below the car can be free.

designers, Batieke effectively reduce congestion. The use of air resources, can avoid the current situation of traditional bus and car for the road, like a wide short train running on the road, the maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the average speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

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