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leifengwang· 2016-08-02 23:38:07

7 30, WeChat and then a failure. From the last four days but downtime.

Tencent public relations director Zhang Jun two times in micro-blog to appease users, the emergence of small bug, is stepping up to repair, in succession, the recovery of a moment, etc.". He also said that is caused by a network failure, some of the MP link to open and share affected, there may be a small number of users and other features are limited, and not a large area, but it does affect part of the account, is being repaired.

Tencent public relations director Zhang Jun micro-blog

< strong> in such a high frequency of fault, also caused speculation: whether to live in the online WeChat?

, a good product that go out?

this kind of speculation as early as the basis to follow. As early as in June this year, know almost on a problem caused widespread concern: "WeChat will launch the live function?" "The answer, all kinds of, but most of that, WeChat will not live wading.

@ lamb: live even if WeChat to do, can only be limited to the circle of live. Otherwise, WeChat's most basic positioning and objectives are social acquaintances. It is not going to change? Class= img_box "

@ slightly out of focus: Gambling will not be launched in the WeChat app live function. Until everyone is the same and new network ecological beat, linger by the user when the conversion flow continued life. Class= img_box "

" said, there is no lack of truth. But back in July, behind WeChat frequent failures, WeChat was simply "bug" no response, he said, is not that people doubt: WeChat in the end what action? Arguably, online live facing huge flow, most likely problems in the testing process, WeChat lead to error, this interpretation seems to be added.

there is also a more feeling of the voice that WeChat will not enter the Red Sea to lift.

Zhang Xiaolong once said: good products run away. know almost @Marsking comment:

Zhang Xiaolong is not allowed to this thing is simple and crude in WeChat happened. Now WeChat has occupied a lot of time users, Zhang Xiaolong was supposed to not kidnapping user's time, he wants the car to travel to a user, get off the car, rather than the user before said the car had air conditioning and do not want to get off.

but now the user stickiness has formed such a kidnapping, although he can not control, but the established fact that the occurrence of a layer of regret in mind.

back to now show live, the source cannot produce content, unable to form precipitation, so the consumer culture imature user time that he could not take the initiative to allow the live show, if can come up with or develop to settle down slowly in culture, enabling people to benefit humanity, only may be possible, in fact it may now see is almost 0, live show is a waste of time and a waste of time.

, a private nature, another is too open, WeChat and broadcast of the starting point and the difficult fusion. more important is that

Zhang Xiaolong is an emphasis on product design is not over, people, even the people near the multi hidden, not to mention the social nature of the stranger.

, the late WeChat broadcast

so much to eat and sleep, no nutritional chat, users of novelty and can maintain how long? I firmly believe that, BAT choose this to live, it is not a good time:

in user fatigue period, users with strong social communication and the harvest of fresh gameplay. had to say is that WeChat's play will certainly be different from the other. Lei Feng

in the chat network and former SNG employees in Tencent also asked his thoughts, and I think he is likely to agree without prior without previous consultation, WeChat launched

live: "I personally feel, will. Live is a tool of things, to WeChat's size and ambition, to further expand its by the prospect of huge territory plus tools enhance the imagination is possible, BAT is almost the end of the people, of course just personal judgment. "

for WeChat, add live function is not difficult, there is no technical problems. Before WeChat has been doing subtraction, the user does not eliminate common niche functions, retaining only the public demand function. In recent years after each broadcast platform guide, live though ferocious, but still did not form an ideal situation of national broadcast, so WeChat live late also in measure of mass behavior.

has informed sources, the current WeChat division of Tencent's plan to enter the market in the broadcast, internal or currently in preparation for related work.

suddenly turns cold in the capital in 2016, but the excitement to the growth of broadcast platform, let the anchor, fans and capital are crazy. With the development of social media, intelligent mobile phone, 4G networks, network broadcast is becoming a new round of Internet giants and entrepreneurs who compete for the new battlefield, there are more or less the giants of the shadow, this is the most direct and effective way to expand, from the rise of real 15 years to 16 years, the Red Sea, a new round of live market pattern is formed.

the current point of view, the most widely among all the giants of the layout of the layout of the most widely.

, according to incomplete statistics, only the Tencent internal, has spawned six live platform, belonging to different division.

among them, the Tencent broadcast live, Penguin belongs to the network media business group (OMG),

and NOW live, QQ space, the pattern is attributed to the social networking business group (SNG) under its.

in the interactive entertainment division (IEG) inside the penguin also features a live online gaming.

we can also look at the major giants of the broadcast layout, from the beginning of 16, the Internet giants have entered the field of live. Currently on the market has hidden their presence on the scene of the platform.

, vice president of business street live Garvey to see another possibility: "WeChat

live may not be pure social scene. With the public number of such a number of tools for direct broadcast, the subsequent development of the business has a lot of imagination. Of course, if WeChat did live, feel the pressure is not only unfamiliar street. "

WeChat is the end.

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