Qingfeng and well after the small, you still love her?

Small Qingfeng women integrity

tanzi· 2016-08-03 06:58:28

yesterday, s received in the greatest love charity concert on the wonderful shape many Tucao

, but in fact the other is inspired by drag queens also are those who love to dress as a woman of men, but also on the rainbow wings comrade.

expressed his respect for homosexuality in this special way, fit the theme from the side of this concert support for gay rights, and cleared the golden melody awards event of all she suspected of sex discrimination.

and Rainie Yang photo although close seem a little spicy eyes

, but that's not the point, but the small s and Greeny Ng in concert on the interaction. The two of them at the concert singing "Imagine" s, treble Biao completely does not go up, give her the piano accompaniment of Greeny Ng in the side of laughter, is very harmonious intimate picture

had this song definitely can be included in the entertainment circle concert ten accident scene, but the little wit not to blame the soprano singing on Greeny Ng's head, said Qingfeng accompaniment is not too high, also said that "if you're angry about you ah, I hate this villain acts completely."

people all know that hits before the award ceremony, Greeny Ng "s sister called peak", Qingfeng also counter s "did not you say you. Is it wide? You are the strength ah, not long ago is still on the stage to Finalist Award? "

two bucket mouth successfully the topic from the Golden Melody Awards to sing, because this is the two Golden Melody Award after the storm together for the first time, is disguised as a public explanation of the Golden Melody Awards event.

and Greeny Ng on the show in the high EQ, when a job does not look at the mobile phone, but also a special zone on the mobile phone in performance, and accurately play a little worried voice tone carefully he was angry for forgiveness.

is still on the stage with a mocking tone said although the stage is very small and unrestrained, but privately is a very popular hot ", after a joke afraid of him angry, also" tearful "to apologize.

can actually see this seemingly random concert bickering is a prior arrangement, Greeny Ng put up key to sing accompaniment, not to throw stem that Greeny Ng was in "revenge", Greeny Ng said his side don't look at mobile phone, mobile phone side out accurately play small voice tearful apology.

, but the basic golden melody awards event is so final judgement of it, s not just sex discrimination in inappropriate places and friends opened a joke, a serious apology, but Greeny Ng did not mind. But

Kangxi after the dissolution of the small, seems to have been not so smooth, the audience saw is a kind of awkward posture.

"on the back of unemployed women" s to the mainland to host a show "sister hungry", in the first period before the guests Huang Bo kept off

< p>


also kept Lin Chiling

is just the first phase of new programs broadcast by the netizen mouthing a

before the golden melody awards event was also criticized

>[everyone felt after Kangxi s dissolution, the Golden Melody Awards called after the event should learn" "everyone seems to be sensible, waiting to see little more jokes.

but also the small s in the micro-blog update daily more daily

on the show's guest that the new

not get rid of their own out of style, integrity in the new program, the hostess will not become a law-abiding, in a new start because other girls younger than she is all away. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" can, this is still very much.

no matter the more things can still continue to drop integrity to eat tofu, do what she wants to do that instead of their own people in the eyes of the small, perhaps this is the reason so many people still love her. Class= img_box "

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