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Aircraft carrier China signs appearance

mierjunshi· 2016-08-03 09:48:48

recently, the netizen photo exposure located in Wuhan Naval Institute land carrier photos, the figure shows the simulation of 001A carrier construction land has now removed the "ski jump deck, ship island building is modified. According to the Huffington post, said in July 30th, China's second domestic aircraft carrier is also in the secret construction, the location of a shipyard in Shanghai.

Chinese Navy plans to deploy 6 aircraft in 2025, including 2 nuclear powered aircraft carrier planning is not the boast. China's first domestic aircraft carrier is likely to be launched by the end of 2016, which means that now only one carrier of the Chinese navy will soon have the ability to combat aircraft carriers. And China will certainly continue to produce aircraft carriers, China does have the ability to build two aircraft carriers at the same time, and eventually become a super power aircraft carrier.

with second China carrier is the first domestic carrier ship No. 17 "Shandong" ship launching from more recent days, both at home and abroad for the Chinese third aircraft carrier will pay attention more and more hot. Following foreign news revealed that the aircraft carrier is not in the construction of second aircraft carriers in Dalian after the news, but also came out of the ship is in China's most advanced shipbuilding base in Shanghai construction, which is not a surprise. This is also confirmed from a foreign claims, that is China are two places at the same time began to build aircraft carriers, which is built in Dalian at the same time, another place in Shanghai have not been idle, also in the construction of another type 001B or type 002 aircraft carrier aircraft carriers.

due to the construction of large ships and aircraft carrier, is a cannot conceal the project, so China whether in Dalian construction or construction of aircraft carriers in Shanghai, are unable to escape from the foreign space surveillance. News from abroad show that China not only built two domestic carriers at the same time, but also the different models, not only the Dalian construction is China and improved in the "Liaoning" on the basis of the ship type 001A aircraft carrier Chinese defense ministry announced that 50 thousand tons of domestic conventional powered aircraft carrier, which opened in Shanghai is likely to be 001A type carrier depth improvement type 001B or type 002 carrier.

is this conclusion, a venue that built and recently in the core design units China shipbuilding ship China several major Design Research Institute, had previously considered to be modified 001A type outdoor model picture carrier. From the chart we can draw a conclusion as follows: one is the design and construction of 001B or type 002 carrier is still the routine power, from the modification of the model, the overall structure of the bridge is not change, regardless of appearance or volume almost maintained the original appearance, is also the original steam turbine chimney still exists still, so the conventional power undoubtedly, but it may increase the amount of water to more than 80 thousand tons;

two is through the transformation of the bridge, 001B or type 002 carrier has started to imitate the U.S. aircraft carrier to use a separate navigation and aviation command room layout is the original single command room is divided into two layers, the lower for the maritime command room for aircraft carrier voyage, the upper air command room in Aircraft combat command for the landing, thus avoiding the mutual interference may, while the U.S. aircraft carrier all this layout;

is three 001B or 002 aircraft will be changed to catapult and bow straight overtime runway, canceled the ski jump deck in front of the original, so that a broader vision, and ejection the aircraft can take off type will be loaded with ammunition for the entire oil operations;

four is because the use of conventional power, so it is likely that the use of steam catapult and we are looking forward to the electromagnetic catapult may far apart, but it may be the most secure way, however, due to the outstanding contribution to naval expert Ma Weiming, may also China navy has solved the problem of the conventional power supply electromagnetic launcher, which appeared in the world's first conventional powered aircraft carrier equipped with electromagnetic catapult precedent;

five The bridge is through the transformation of the Wuhan aircraft carrier model, local modification is likely to be replaced with 052D from ships using the new type of phased array radar, to replace the previously used 052C by the use of the "heart of the ocean" in phased array radar, detection distance and accuracy will be better.

in Wuhan had 001A aircraft land model time and No. 17 "Shandong" ship in Dalian to start the time speculated that Wuhan now began to refit the aircraft model 001B or type 002 aircraft carrier has been officially started in Shanghai. The domestic and foreign construction did not release their pictures, which may be related to the relevant module is in construction.

adopts advanced modular construction and assembly technology, therefore, at the Shanghai shipyard in each module is built, only to the whole assembly stage, be like building No. 17 Shandong ship in Dalian, revealing the external appearance of the carrier at the same time, also can be used in many ways the network upload pictures of all. Wuhan on the present first revealed that the model modification, this trend is inevitable, it is likely that by the end of this year, there will be 001B or 002 type of aircraft carriers in Shanghai, the assembly of the news pictures revealed.

as the foreign media said, at present China shipbuilding ability in different places at the same time the construction of two aircraft carriers, in fact, this statement is not so accurate, really accurate, if necessary, Chinese ability in different places at the same time, the construction of three aircraft carriers should never be underestimated. China third shipbuilding base in Guangzhou's shipbuilding capacity. But if there is no war, or there is no urgent demand, such as the South China Sea there is a potential war may be, then, China does not have to build such a large aircraft carrier. But

, now in Dalian and Shanghai to build aircraft carriers, has for Chinese Navy for ocean sea air. From Dalian to Shanghai to start building the construction of the type 001A carrier 001B or type 002 carrier, fully illustrated China ocean naval construction is speeding up, the Navy China 2025 foreign media said there will be 6 carriers of speculation, perhaps a more accurate prediction.

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