A generation of artillery was India play bad, did not see the sun

India canopy one generation self propelled gun

yunshangdekongmu· 2016-04-23 04:30:45

Developed in the Soviet Union

"content_img_p" Indians also see the performance of this gun is good, so want to put it on the track type chassis. Have to say, M-46 is worth of Soviet artillery, cannon high, it is extremely powerful. Class= img_box "

gun firing instant. India's artillery was called CATAPULT Mk.2, is used in a tank chassis.

due to buy parts and technical failure, many Indian Arjun tank now in abeyance. The combination of

Arjun tank chassis and m-46 artillery, which means will be a garbage tank chassis and a gun to cope with. This approach obviously will not achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2, but will result in low efficiency.

open turret internal details. Although the self-propelled guns, but modified compared to the original, basically is to m-46 artillery abruptly loading Arjun tank chassis on.

need to manually adjust the m-46 gun azimuth

gun tube and the maximum gun range can reach 27.5 km, the improved type of our country can play 38 kilometers. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in the front view of the turret. This open type of self propelled artillery, many countries have no longer use this kind of design.

gun tube below the close-up

will m-46 artillery mounted to the Arjun tank chassis like to the gun loaded the unexploded bomb. Because anyone don't know Arjun tank chassis at what time can be broken down, that once the situation, urgently needed fire support difficult according to a predetermined time arrival.

than to do this India rather than directly from abroad buy self-propelled guns, or continue to use artillery configuration for traction.

therefore, despite the m-46 gun into the crawler chassis, its excellent performance, unable to get into full play. Also, please don't forget that at any time in India repair personnel.

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