16 year old girl was mother's boyfriend cut tesujis cut

Boyfriend mother girl arm

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new culture Gongzhuling public Wang Wang, 46 years old this year, last year with the 62 year old man Lee cohabitation. The early morning of July 27th, the two had a quarrel, Lee hit Ms. Wang, then with a knife stabbed 16 year old daughter, Ms. Wang Xiaoxu (a pseudonym). After the rescue, a small Asahi has been out of danger, but just a few days have been spent 60 thousand yuan treatment fee, follow-up treatment costs have not landed. At present, Lee has xingju.

was my mother's boyfriend cut more than and 10 knife

8 the afternoon of Sept. 1, building 3, 2115 hand surgery hospital ward, from lying in bed moaning in pain, her head and arms wrapped in gauze, revealing only a pair of big eyes, occasionally shouting: "pain. "

" can not hurt you? The hands of the tendons broken two head, five or six stitches. "Small three Chiam cried, the child was cut more than and 10 knives, then can hold the pen does not say. Ms. Wang's mother from the head and legs also have heavy cuts, speaking of day of the scene, Ms. Wang shiveringly.

Wang in the divorced 10 years ago, because of the difficulties of life, have been taken care of by aunt honey. In the children's day before returning to Ms. Wang, in November last year, Ms. Wang introduced the understanding of the Gongzhuling man Lee, after two people in the home of Ms. wang. Lee usually work at the site, Ms. Wang said, Lee's temper is very large, cohabitation when he had fought her.

Ms. Wang said, her daughter is very filial, school sophomore, learning achievements or. The child once said, must study well, later let mother live a good life.

7 27 days, Ms. Wang heard a phone WeChat ring. "Who gave you micro letter so late? "Ms. Wang think Lee and other women" something ", two people had a quarrel. "He hit me. Ms. Wang said, "then she ran out to hold the small Asahi, and Lee asked why. After the small Asahi went back to the room. "I thought it was all right, but I didn't expect him to pick up the knife. "Ms. Wang saw Lee picked up a kitchen knife into the small room, he was walking and said:" how do you keep this baiwenhang. "

" I hurried into the room, but it was too late. "Lee to from a hackle, Ms. Wang will be pulled out of the house to Lee, Lee and her cut several times. Ms. Wang guarding her daughter, two people ran out of the house. Later, the neighbor of the police, Lee was controlled by the police.

to the child female police took 500 yuan

7 month 28 days, from now after a simple treatment in the local hospital to rescue. From the third was to take care of small Asahi, in her mind, her daughter with her own small asahi. In order to raise medical expenses, Asahi small aunt borrowed from relatives or friends. I ran to know the inside of the supermarket, so that the supermarket boss late purchase, borrow money to the child to see a doctor. "When it comes to this, Asahi small aunt tears," the child's life is too bitter, my parents divorced, now also were cut into it. Gongzhuling City, the police station "

" a case of female police see from the poor, get 500 yuan of money. "Asahi small aunt said that she was very moved, neither relative nor friend.

at present, from still need follow-up treatment. "We really do not have the money to treat the child again. "Asahi small aunt said, her sister hurt is heavy, but in order to save money, only a simple treatment in the local Gongzhuling.

"hospital to see my poor, give me every day to fight an anti-inflammatory needle, to prevent my wound infection. "Ms. Wang said.

, a reporter from the Gongzhuling City, police learned that at present, the case is under further investigation.

if you want to help small Asahi, you can call our hotline: 0431-96618.

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