Xifeng live debut fishing gold standard Liu Qiangdong is nearly 30 thousand

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touzijie· 2016-08-03 13:19:09

NetEase Francisco August 3rd news, yesterday evening, "she" in the pepper network Reds debut live broadcast live on, half hour online number reached nearly 460 thousand passengers, a total of 285133 pepper harvest coins, a total of 28513.3 yuan.

live in an hour, she said, from Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi, four, Liu Qiangdong is her mate, and called Liu Qiangdong a true doer. I still live in

revealed that, at present, has resigned from the Manicure shop, may open a website about the future; last year she become a rumor for angel investors, Xifeng in the broadcast said rumor, others are for speculation.

said the current hot topic of red net, Feng said, Chinese suffered the impact of the network culture, the explosion of red network red female anchor is awl face, pointed chin, with big eyes for the United States, then Fengjie claiming Sino US aesthetic differences under the United States said that the more I than Fan Bingbing more beautiful, too in the live broadcast of the beauty casually Tucao; she also believes that not everyone is suitable when the star or red;

as everyone knows, Xifeng because of speculation and marriage fire up, live in a net friend asked, Wang Sicong and the dog she choose? I frankly do not love Wang Sicong, will choose the dog; there are friends to ask, where would you choose a person from Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, Robin Li, mate Zhou Hongyi? She chose Liu Qiangdong, and told her friends think Liu Qiangdong is the real doer. But now because of age, she will own the standard to change: as long as it is a man on the line.

for business or become investors Xifeng Xifeng in the broadcast news, rumor, and did not make any investment, these are speculation for other people, I did not know.

it is understood that in April last year, she worked in micro-blog exposes to home business "I have a beauty of entrepreneurial projects, financing target 10 million". In December of the same year, there are rumors that she invested in a quarrel with millions of app, officially became an angel investor. Now I have

Xifeng from the previous Manicure shop turnover, for future arrangements, said she might do, but I looked forward to becoming a housewife.

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