Express the first unit will be listed on the profit of tens of millions of Zhao Wei

Tact listing Zhao Wei thousands of

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after several years of rapid expansion, Shen Tong, rhyme, SF, tact and a number of courier companies launched "express the first" competition, and ultimately the title was won the Yuantong express. Recently, dowin announced that the company's major asset sale and issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions through conditional. One of the strategic investors, the film star Zhao Wei is also the tact: Yunfeng new shareholder is Yuantong after the listing, Zhao Wei may benefit from the tens of millions of yuan. Since the listing of

/ A shares the first Chinese into Yuantong courier companies

2016, SF, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme and a number of courier companies to open the listing mode of rapid growth after listed on the path, the express industry has become inevitable. With its suits notice issued, Yuantong successful backdoor listing, becoming the first China landing A shares of the express company. According to the previously published

dowin reorganization report, after all the assets and liabilities of its suits at a price of 1 billion 234 million yuan sold to the controlling shareholder of dragon group and Yuantong Express Yunfeng startups, Dayang creation through to all shareholders Yuantong Express non-public offering of A shares to buy 100% stake, Yuantong express. After the completion of the reorganization, the Dragon Group will become the controlling shareholders of listed companies, Yuantong Express will become a wholly owned subsidiary of listed companies, so as to realize the Yuantong Express backdoor listing.

it is understood that before the listing, Yuantong Express valuation of 17 billion 500 million yuan. From several preparations for the backdoor listing of the express company valuations, Shentong valued at 16 billion 900 million yuan, up 18 billion yuan valuation, SF valuation of up to 44 billion 800 million yuan, several courier company valuations are relatively high.

guess / gross profit fell 17 billion 500 million yuan continuously overvalued?

175 billion yuan high valuation corresponding to the Yuantong express future development and profitability, but the financial data in recent years of tact, its net profit and gross margin has declined. Announcement shows that the draft reorganization of its suits, net profit in 2015 fell to 717 million yuan and 747 million yuan from 2014.

and its gross profit margin from 2013, three consecutive years of decline, from 21.49% in 2013 down to 13.42% in 2015. August 1st afternoon, the reporter contacted the Yuantong Express headquarters responsible person, but did not get an accurate answer. However, Yuantong had explained that the decline in gross margin is to support the business development of the franchisee, across a single fee, transfer fee charges were significantly lower.

Express Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong believes that a $17 billion 500 million valuation is not high. Xu Yong said, the reason is the low valuation, Yuantong market has been close to 50 billion yuan, far more than the valuation. As for the profit decline, Xu Yong said, as long as the business will be able to create profits Yuantong pieces together, "profit can come up".

tact had promised, after the backdoor listing, 2016~2018 annual net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses attributable to owners of the parent company of not less than 1 billion 100 million yuan, 1 billion 330 million yuan and 1 billion 550 million yuan. Xu Yong believes that the tact achieve this commitment is no problem. But some analysts believe that the price war and the rising cost is the main reason for a decline in profits.

therefore, after the courier companies listed, competitive pressure will not drop. Under the pressure of competition and performance in the industry, capital can play a big role in promoting, it is difficult to predict. Latent

/ Zhao Wei vote earned tens of millions of "img_box"

with tact announced draft reorganization backdoor listing, Ali latent Yuantong Express facts also surfaced, in addition, Yunfeng new strategic investors also quite interesting, because one of the fund the shareholders are repeatedly involved in recent popular events of the film star Zhao Wei.

2015 in May, the Alibaba announced joint Yunfeng group of new investment strategy tact courier, but the amount of investment of a mystery. According to the draft reorganization, Ali and Yunfeng new venture capital holdings were 11.09% and 6.43%, the two companies Ali was about $2 billion 500 million, achieved a 20% stake in tact. Yuantong express

backdoor listing, there are institutions after calculation, Ali after the listing of venture capital in Yuantong Fuying will reach billions of dollars. As one of Yunfeng new shareholders, Zhao Wei had invested 75 million yuan, holding 2.4422%, is expected to Yuantong after the listing, Zhao Wei will have tens of millions of profit.

analysts believe that the courier companies have listed, will improve the quality of service delivery and the timeliness of the industry, but also will trigger a new round of price war. First listed, the amount of large, high financing amount of the company will be the first mover advantage. Yuantong after landing A shares, will also force the other courier companies to accelerate the pace of listing. West China Metropolis Daily reporter Dong Xingsheng

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