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The Sino Japanese cooperation in animation "atronach Yanwu" launched in October

China and Japan animation cartoon works making party

jihewang· 2016-08-03 17:01:36

lead: the Sino Japanese cooperation in animation "atronach Yanwu" in Japan in August 2nd in Tokyo held a press conference, the general director of the static text, director Watanabe Hiro, wild hole main seiyuu Takahiro Mizushima Tanabe, according to Kihara Tetsuya, Liu Jingluo, Liu also at the press conference about the feelings for.

8 published 2 October "atronach" PV:

animation "Yanwu atronach enbu (soul Buster)" is a collection of Three Kingdoms, battle theme, campus stories, card games and other interesting elements of the works. The story of high school students living in the city of Sun Chen is an important battlefield of the Three Kingdoms period, and therefore the city is full of the "Three Kingdoms" of the history of the atmosphere. However, weary of the three countries' Sun Chen 's words out of a complaint to make the history of the Three Kingdoms period disappear from the world! In order to retrieve the lost three Sun Chen involved in a sudden battle, the crisis, to save his beautiful girl but claiming to be - Zhou Gongjin Zhou Yu! Fighting and conspiracy followed, who can be trusted partner? In the face of setbacks and obstacles, Sun Chen will go to where?

animation "atronach" of the original comic Yanwu created by cartoonist China white, in the original manga comic magazine "man is still". Youku, potatoes with the animation producer Pierrot Studio's powerful combination of finally let the cartoon successful animation. Animation will start in October in Japan TV animation broadcast, a total of 12 words, each of the length of 15 minutes or so, China will be synchronized broadcast on the network.

director Watanabe Hiro said at the press conference in the "spirit" and the Shi Yanwu manga style, he felt an affinity with Japanese animation in the "spirit" in Shi yanwu. General director Shizuno Kongwen said: "the spirit of animation is not" Yanwu is completely in accordance with the comic stories of the rhythm of the animation will be significantly faster, but also is not only the future of Sino Japanese cooperation, the animation will also increase.

Kihara Tetsuya Takahiro Mizushima Tanabe in Liu Jingluo scene

mainly for voice conference brought some humorous atmosphere, in answer to the "hero in the volume into the battle fight or flight? "The question, master Gongsun Chen voiced by Takahiro Mizushima said," run away! ". The heroine Zhou Yu's voice actor is in the edge of the field. "Zhou Yu's force in the cartoon is very low, you how is it," replied Tanabe Rui, "is currently in rapid promotion! ".

Chinese Liu Lingyun seiyuu Jingluo at the press conference said, "although I am a native of Beijing, but because of his interest in voice began to learn Japanese, not do what investigation reckless went to Japan, I hope like the animation of the Lingyun as cool to life, do some plan. Come to Japan for 7 years, the dream did not expect to be in the same work at the same time as the Chinese and Japanese seiyuu. "Ma Lin Wei seiyuu Kihara Tetsuya also expressed their views on the role of Ma Lin Wei, Ma Lin Wei at a glance the attitude is tough, no basic communication skills, but burdened by the past. "

" is expected in October 4th broadcast atronach Yanwu "TV animation!

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