Sunshine rehearsal new dance four sisters sun

Flower smile relax dance

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-03 20:40:21

Sunshine group

8 1, group Sunshine combined drying out of a group of hard dance pictures, four sisters in the rehearsal room of the flowery, micro-blog said: "we in the summer, the bubble in the dance room to love kill, hard, hard, teacher. "

Sunshine combination of micro-blog sun dance as

Sunshine at the end of June the end of" I want to be your girlfriend "after MV, in the absence of any new public works, in addition to last month, Captain ABBy micro-blog blew solo single in the recording besides, there is no any news of new works.

this time the team's official micro burst Sunshine recently in the dance room to practice dancing, there are friends guess Sunshine this new song is not with them recently in the dance studio to practice the contents of the relevant. Some users and Sunshine fans said it is looking forward to the new song and dance Sunshine.

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