Net friend exposed domestic aircraft carrier according to the slide deck has been in place

Domestic carrier segment Liaoning Kuznetsov

wangyituji· 2016-08-03 21:59:11

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"content_img_p" recently, there are users exposed the HD version of the latest 001A construction photos. As can be seen from the figure at the end of the bow section is in place, to be installed.

self defense ministry spokesman confirmed that the first domestic carrier is built and then news shipyard slipway suspected aircraft carrier construction progress after exposure, the Macedonian judge did not stop. Recently, the network has exposed domestic carriers of the newly built. Indicates that the aircraft carrier construction is smooth.

earlier, Defense Ministry spokesman has been very plainly the first domestic carrier ship 50 thousand tons of the main features are clearly to the public, so that domestic and foreign fans lost many fall into a reverie space, also let the brightest military experts "a lot less opportunity to comment.

, in Chinese Navy is also a somewhat peculiar concept, and ship ton ton ship, such as Lloyd's concept is somewhat different, but in general meaning or similar, refer to the the amount of drainage, also known as the weight to volume, the ship displaces water into the part of the water in water is a sign of the weight, the size of the ship.

the amount of drainage" ship main load displacement, standard displacement, normal displacement, load displacement, the maximum displacement of several kinds of marking methods etc..

of Chinese Navy, is the most commonly used normal displacement, then the load displacement, and other types of displacement are usually only used for calculation in the design of ships.

normal displacement because of the most typical, most ship displacement is normalized, so be Chinese Navy used to benchmark displacement ships, and the standard of common foreign displacement is different, such as between the various conditions and the speed of the ship the curve of power system test, according to the national military standard China requirements of the ship should be in the normal state of displacement.

Defense Ministry spokesman said the first aircraft carrier is 50 thousand tons, is a compromise of the concept, how to understand the meaning of compromise?

for example, Chinese Navy in a few years ago proposed to reduce the warship platform type, the main development and unified to the four level platform, that is 1000 tons, 4000 tons, 6000 tons and 10000 tons.

this statement is a compromise of the concept of 1000 tons which is smaller than the actual corresponding ship tonnage; 4000 ton is bigger than the actual corresponding ship tonnage of 6000 tons; and the corresponding actual ship close to 10000 tons of tonnage; and also than the actual corresponding ship tonnage to small.

made the first aircraft carrier is born out of the aircraft carrier, upgrade based on the naval ship, especially the part of ship into the water are basically the same, the displacement is also consistent with the platform. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", of course, any ship in the design are left with a certain amount of reserves, the term is known as the ship design reserves. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" ship design reserves, including the number of shot reserves, stability reserve, strength reserve, host power reserves, etc.. Design reserves mean, in the same platform, with different loading equipment, the displacement will slightly change, such as the normal drainage normal displacement type 054A frigate than Type 054 frigate of a large volume of about 60 tons.

in the scope of increasing displacement is permitted, reduce no problem (nonsense ah), but can only increase or decrease in the scope of the provisions, reasonable, beyond the critical value is very dangerous, if the reserve the values are consumed, so designers will learn to Xiufen Qu. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" suspected of being under construction in the domestic aircraft carrier.

in summary: with a displacement of the first domestic aircraft carrier in about 60 thousand tons, small is not big, also is not big. Liaoning's full load displacement of less than 60 thousand tons of aircraft carrier, while the Navy deputy chief of staff song science seems to be more conservative point, he said, Liaoning ship full load displacement of more than 50 thousand tons.

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