The loss of humanity in the Salvatore civil war massacre

Salvatore civil war massacre human nature

wangyituji· 2016-08-03 21:59:31

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Salvatore since independence, the political situation has been unstable. 1979, the reform of the revolutionary army came to power. But both the far right and the extreme left are not satisfied with the government. Conflict occurred and evolved into civil war. The United States supports the government and the Cuban backed Fala · the Marty National Liberation Front took place in the civil war. During the civil war, there was a massacre of civilians. In 1981 the El Mozo Te massacre, the government forces in the name of anti guerrilla war a massacre of 733 people to 900 people, 90 years old the biggest victims, to a minimum of 2 months, in the slaughter process, the soldiers put women picked out from the crowd, the implementation of the rape of women, 12 year old girl also ravaged. After the rape, the soldiers shot all the women. The Reagan administration has received a report to call the victims "a victim of the war against the Communist Party".

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The loss of humanity in the Salvatore civil war massacre

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The loss of humanity in the Salvatore civil war massacre

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