Naked Lily SM... Mrs. trump was hacked into black

Naked SM Chuan Pu Lily

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to tell the truth, although now trump officially became the 2016 Republican presidential candidate, but the family is really a bit too much at the moment, groove, trump maybe first lady Melania Trump was carrying out a black circle of public opinion. Early this morning, "New York post" directly thrown a wink to headlines, waves of the office of the president - you would have never seen such a preparation type first lady! "Class= img_box" id= "id_imagebox_0" ='>

" these photos were taken in 1995 in Manhattan, the time of the general wife Melania about 25 years old at that time.

Alé de Basse­ Ville photographer; Melania: praised the "very best from the perspective of professional models, great personality, with the degree of class, because it is never nude niuniunienie. Perfectly shows the beauty and freedom of women. "

" New York post "immediately to gossip interview trump to this group of photos have what view, Trump's answer is also full of lovely," as one of the most successful model, Melania really took some similar photos whether it is magazine or cover. As a matter of fact, I know Melania from this magazine. In Europe, this kind of picture is very fashionable, also very common. "

, in fact, through the Melania geshandaniu to general Kurokawa," New York post "is the focus on this road for 100 years without wavering, before that, it also had a group photo, also pointed out that

Melania took photos of Lily

lily as not to wear fur, the woman took the whip waving … … SM play not too heavy in … &hellip

is the "New York post" this way although cheap, but it's a very effective ANTI routine. Before it was concluded that the American people need the first lady to have three basic qualities: 1 highly educated, received a good education. 2 good taste, good taste and a prerequisite is to dress appropriately, after all, every first lady is the American people's fashion icon, to carry the United States dream. 3 must be a traditional ", regardless of previous career as an understanding wife and loving mother" how successful are Study hard to do "the woman behind her husband". Sexy into such a Melania, all of a sudden, made a 2, two 3 ring". Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" not to mention, half a month ago, Melania made the first ring. In July 18th, 4 days of the United States Republican National People's Congress, Melania made a 15 minute speech, this time, she boarded the speed BBC, USTODAY, CNN, the world's major media headlines, the reason was very embarrassed, this speech openly copied cancer is now the first lady Michel · a speech of Obama 2008. There is a section of text makes a comparison between the real hammer, this is called a face pops.

and Melania, this section of speech, with a thick accent … … yes, because she from Slovenia, the mother tongue is not english. So in general, if the trump campaign succeeds, then Melania will be the first in American history, native language is not English first lady, at the same time, she will be the first ever in the magazine nude first lady.

Melania Trump, Trump's third wife, aged 46, from Slovenia town sevnica. When she was 16 years old, photographer Jerko Stane found her and asked her if she was interested in being a model. In this connection, Melania began a modeling career, 18 years old, both signed a model agency in Milan, becoming an international model. Class= img_box "

1998, she first met in New York fashion week Sichuan Pu, when she was 28 years old, Sichuan Pu 52 years old. Two people soon started dating, two years later, Trump and his second wife divorced, 2005, high-profile married her Melania, this Dior wedding is said to have 200 thousand dollars, the highest price was known as the wedding, wedding also including Clinton and his wife of American political and business celebrities.

has been, Melania was introduced to the public to trump "My Sexy Lady", the general presidential candidate, always resorted to cheer up for their spouse votes, but there is always a trump his first wife, the daughter of Ivanka Trump, 33 years old. Enter "Melania Trump" in Google news search results in the browser, almost all Ivanka Trump↓ ↓ ↓

Melania doing? She runs her own brand of goods, including jewelry and her own make-up, at the top of the Luxury Apartments in Trumpt tower, New York. Politics? Melania is not interested in the last year, the "people" magazine interview, she showed his idea, husband perennial business trip, she will stay at home to take care of 9 year old son, but also is not ready to touch politics".

Melania" was very love to share their exquisite life on social networking sites, but in July, Trump in his speech in the Mexican election officially described as "rapist" and "murderer" after the stop updating. Media speculation because she is an immigrant, husband's remarks may lead to a lot of friends went to his account of her taunt, so this hobby is forced to give up.

celebrity wife, is not good when ah ~~~

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