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in the Microsoft ID@Xbox project support, 2014 to now have numerous local independent game team from scratch, from start to mature, and gradually began to work out with an air of importance.

after the end of the interview Yao pill is very naughty to pick up Xbox One Slim

media to take photographs after last year's "candle", in this year's ChinaJoy Microsoft also showcases a number of excellent quality of the game works independently "heavy", including initialization, "mechanical", won the spirit domain Steam page recommended "I Me" and, a higher degree of completion "candle", and the "today your toys".

returned overseas dream

familiar with the domestic host game circle game player must not play the game in Japan. "The micro-blog ID feel strange, Yao Yaowan (Yao Kun) had a game designer's identity in the SquareEnix headquarters in Tokyo for 8 years, in 2014 with the domestic host game ban home business opportunity, set up the long live game to develop traditional console games as the goal.

"long live game first works your toys"

"your toys (Your Toy)" and his buddies to create a first person puzzle from the game, by his own account of the game's biggest feature is the attribute of the "half sandbox", adding a lot of random content throughout the game process, such as the position of key items and random passwords etc.. This part accounts for about 30% of the overall game, so that every time the player can feel different in some detail.

is more interesting, the Microsoft special arrangements for a sale of the Xbox One Slim is not "white" as the engineering machine let Yao pill game demo, he saw the picture of the game after immediately that this new host is different compared to the original, and said that the future will consider strengthening the "white" version of the show force.

will meet the meticulous on-site demonstration into the game demo and live Q & a two links, all the details of Yao pill in the first half to the presence of the media, a detailed presentation of the game the first level, including the puzzle solution, each link between the logical order, the idea of making and so on, can be described as meticulously, let people fully understand to the "interesting and features of your toys" game.

Xbox One Slim development scene display machine snatched a lot of limelight

this section begins with a male toilet compartment DEMO can in fact field experience to ChinaJoy2016, but if there is no good room escape game experience and the deep understanding of the game from the puzzle, people may all logical trap is difficult to crack maker carefully set, which was an ordeal for a demo, but wait until the game is released after the estimate will make people happy.

to 3 to 4 puzzles from the compartment out after the men's bathroom props, small organs more than before more than several times, between them also has a perplexing relationship, only through a variety of clues to insight into the sequence between this, is likely to trigger the final authority, to see the head split the two halves of the teddy bear (BOSS) appear on the screen. Even if it is very familiar with the whole process of producer Yao Yaowan himself, it took nearly 25 minutes to play through the first pass (of course, he spent a lot of time to explain the media).

1, a live interview room escape will be the main content of the game, DEMO appeared in the light switch is one of the core gameplay puzzle, the future does not rule out the possibility of adding malicious design, such as Game Over and so on error.

Yao pill demonstration site DEMO

2, in order to cooperate with the country for the game scale, this works almost no bloody images, in the official definition of it is a horrible puzzle game, although the atmosphere somewhat scary, but mainly to the prominent feature or puzzle than a terrorist.

3, whether to provide the PC version of DEMO download to ask Microsoft and hundreds of CO, Yao Yaowan, although very optimistic about the PC platform, but on the current terms of this work is still monopolized by One Xbox.

4, there will be a wealth of interactive content between the player and the toy BOSS, not necessarily the relationship between killing and being killed.

5, although the puzzle process is very complicated, but will not compromise in order to take care of the couple, hope to have the patience to solve the game player in the game difficulty. In the test so far there has been no hint of the players will be able to DEMO clearance.

by the new host game performance is significantly different from

6, Xbox One Slim to use your toys "DEMO" operation, Yao Yaowan soon discovered that with the ordinary version of the One Xbox is not the same feeling, "it's like Harry Potter touch their own magic wand", if there is a chance for the development of the Xbox One Slim game machine to further strengthen it, and to maintain between the 2 versions of the experience gap is not too large.

7, originally intended to do a 100% full random game, but taking into account the cost of R & D and time to market, compromised to the current 30% or so random content.

8, time to market temporarily not identified, but the game content development has been completed , currently under XboxOne platform quality inspection and do some preparatory work prior to listing, including the examination and approval work carried out at the same pace, should be no problem.

9, horror games may indeed not be suitable for the environment of the host country, but the development team will continue to adjust the degree of terror. In addition to each person for fear of understanding are not quite the same, so it is difficult to grasp the balance.

10, select the "toys" and "bear" as the main terrorist intention is the two things the highest penetration rate, who have toys, who know bear, put them in different environments in the game player acceptance is high. Class= img_box "

show details of the operation of

11, if the sales performance is good, do not rule out the possibility of joining DLC in the future.

12, the game in the rain. It takes a great deal of energy production, on the one hand, the Unity engine has no ready-made examples, only their own way, also through the complicated adjustment in the production process, confidence can rarely find the same level of rain effects in the industry.

13, a small team of limited resources, but also not in the process of making a game is a compromise, make it clear what the concessions, what must strive.

14, long live the game only 7 people, the first training and then produced the way to develop the host game. At present with the trainees of less than 30 people, still to learn while making way for development.

15, Microsoft and 100 started very early and long live games, actively provide all aspects of support, including equipment and production technology, debugging, distribution and so on, also provides a lot of world-class exhibition on display to the public the opportunity to the local independent game team is of great significance.

16, "your toy" will be a coherent map, and the latter will be able to return to the beginning of the scene.

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