Chinese tour group in the case of the attack: the wounded were rescued without serious obstruction

Tour group wounded serious China

zhongxinwang· 2016-08-04 05:22:25

in new network on 3 August, according to the Chinese Embassy website news, the morning of August 2nd France local time around 8:00, composed of 27 members of Beijing Shenzhou International Travel Agency Leo holiday tours in France Island 95 province (VAL D OISE) Geneisishi (GONESSE) Campanile in front of the hotel was more than masked gunmen that part of his belongings and baggage was robbed, 3 people suffered minor injuries.

Chinese citizens for help, the consular section of the Embassy in France for the first time with the leader China contact, understand the case and to appease members of emotions, and communication at the same time the security of the hotel staff and police officers arrived at the scene, asked the other members to ensure personal safety and Chinese injured will be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

then, the Consular Department has 95 Provincial Police Bureau and Geneisishi police bureau made contact, request the other party immediately launched investigation of the case, the criminals will be brought to justice as soon as possible. Geneisishi police official said the province police attaches great importance to the case, by the provincial police department was directly responsible for investigation.

at the same time, the consular section by the joint mechanism of the case to the Paris City Police Bureau proposed negotiations, asked the Paris police attach great importance to the case as soon as possible, together with 95 province police investigation and arrest the perpetrators. Paris City Police Department, said the person in charge has been noted that the case will closely follow the progress of the investigation, to fully cooperate with the detection of the case.

17 around, the victim's record of admission is completed, the wounded have been effectively treated without serious problem; around 18:30, all the members take the bus to the next stop - germany. The French Embassy in France will continue to closely follow the progress of the case. Embassy in France

reminded Chinese citizens in the law of tourism during the close attention of the security situation in France, to avoid the public security case prone areas, while reminding tourism practitioners avoid unsafe regional arrangements for tour activities.

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