Shawn Yue will love the girl next door? See the old driver's sister Liao history

Shawn Yue the driver the girl next door.

chaogaonengEjie· 2016-08-04 06:26:59

Shawn Yue's many sisters, experienced a life change radically, is there?

is the first Hong Kong media revealed early in the morning the 35 year old Shawn Yue fall in love with 46 year old Hongkong radio host Ruan Xiaoyi, and released two intimate photo. Class=

Are "content_img_p" you kidding me? The old driver is going to start singing the ordinary way?

then Shawn Yue, Ruan Xiaoyi and Dongyu Zhou have on the micro-blog hot search list

of the universe seems everyone very deep resentment ah CP … &hellip

; but eat melon masses have said this Ruan Xiaoyi is who, I do not know?? Class= img_box "

Ruan Xiaoyi formerly known as the, the English name Yuen Kitty. Hongkong commercial radio presenter, Scarlett was educated at Sacred Heart Canossian College and Department of Hong Kong Polytech University, 96 years to join the commercial radio, early in the advertising department as a creative work, to assist Wang Zhongkai (two seat commercial director) show Sunday evening comedy show - "fiction" in a corner of Ruan Xiaoyi. After won recognition, change to DJ.

she also starred in some movies and TV shows, but not (Dou) too (SHI) (long) (TAO) is the.

chongshangyunxiao II, Wu Zhenyu played Sam brother Ruan Xiaoyi played with the little instrument as

Ruan Xiaoyi did not kiss funny big legs (net exposure of small instrument height less than 150cm), looks ordinary, but the character is very cheerful, good hosting ability also, never taboo others joke about her height, in people heart is a cute girl.

but E sister has always thought to get the height that person is very boring to learn Hongkong

master Su Minfeng once remarked that Ruan Xiaoyi's face, she said to the famous but long nose is difficult to marry a second wife, a good husband.

was talking to a foreign girl, nose Ting, not necessarily all marry a good husband … &hellip

; Ruan small instrument not only with the stars of the relationship is also impressive, "Kitchen God", and King Kong partner TVB hosted "neighborhood" Kitchen God, the average ratings of 24, 09 years in the beauty of the kitchen cooking books launched hot win, "little young" cooking instrument … …

cook and housekeeper

also broke the news media in Hong Kong said Shawn Yue, Jin Zan small instrument into the kitchen … … indeed, the man heart road from his stomach. Class=

you single dog get new skills?

when many fans sister at 10 in the morning with deep hatred and resentment, and things turn for the better. has pointed out that the so-called intimate photo is 2012 old photos.

and Shawn Yue micro-blog in the drying out of bed as, he placed his right hand on his forehead, put O mouth expression, and with the text says "even my mom asked me. "At the end of the article said jokingly" small instrument if I had a few years can not find the object, we're together. "To deny the relationship. Class= img_box "

so that there is a gentleman to deny the grace of … …

to clarify the news, online one! Slice! Huan! Teng!

is really had enough, not to consider the male god of marriage?

everyone said Dongyu Zhou was relieved, and even if there is no little wife, Shawn Yue and Eddie Peng, you can not get together?

---- is the dividing line I ----

Shawn Yue and Ruan Xiaoyi just lost Wallace Huo, I don't want to lose the male Gods love Oolong clarification, a person no doubt boarded the hot search list, that is, Dongyu Zhou.

Shawn Yue is not bo clarified, many cosmic CP powder was broken heart … …

Shawn Yue denied, CP powder immediately full of blood resurrection.

E" in this regard, sister just want to say, you are too optimistic, have the universe CP plug to give you much food, now leaving so much routine.

---- is my memories open line ----

in the two months before the ending of "we love the second season", the universe in the presence of CP is undoubtedly a dark horse.

does, compared with the beginning Orange Juice CP is on the road, the CP relationship seems to be more in line with the general public of the communication process of love.

from the beginning of the embarrassment, keep a distance from the


='>< finally went straight to the broad road dog abuse gone for ever … …

is such a step by step with a sense of hierarchy, is the public most acceptable (routine)! It is so popular in the first quarter of the highest pomegranate couple, remember that a variety of active Choi Siwon and began to resist the cousin?

"pomegranate" has become a memory of … &hellip

; in addition, CP is still in the success of the universe, a sensitive, ordinary and with little self-esteem personality girl, with a rich sister Liao veteran driver TVB drama drama drama collocation, so don't play? Feel not too strong.

plus stars own push (PEI) wave (he) to help LAN (Chao) (Zuo)

no wonder at the circle so many CP powder, pink bubble can overflow screen.

is always at the end of the program, to come to an end, the star had to turn the page to begin a new announcement. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" six tertiary follow-up micro-blog is also a reference to CP powder copy, rather than their own original.

think CP fans even sugar residue are not sugar also eat very happy, E sister is distressed. In short, the universe CP has long been with the end of the program and the end of the remover, the work of their respective lives; the delay has not been out of the play, only the fans themselves.

may have silly people will argue that CP is not in the universe "some time ago micro-blog made sugar? ↓ ↓ ↓

well, if you take this with a micro-blog video works and also called "sugar" words, then you have to start from the learning "manual" fake affair publicity the.

"CP universe" of the story let E sister remember love "white paper", when Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang had spread love.

Shawn Yue and Eddie Peng two people also because it's a kiss, Eddie Peng's first on-screen kiss to Shawn Yue..

was only 17 year old Rainie Yang just by virtue of "meteor garden" in the small and famous, so at that time "love white paper" even the publicity release are written like … …

is a Taiwan giants Gouxue drama that visual sense!

17 year old Rainie Yang is still in love with Shawn Yue "white paper" bold Chuangxi, so at the time of release and the headline … … p>

at that time, about two people reported the large scale … …

"Curry Chicken happened during the filming a mystery", saying the bed kissing scene, two people were found to have a lot of "Wen Hen", the staff are making fun of them too much and seriously, even the director could not help but say "so many strawberries (Wen Hen), will not even play. "Earlier in the wrap party, Rainie Yang was working to pour wine, Shawn Yue to her boyfriend identity for the woman's top wine, not difficult to avoid provoking misunderstanding.

even came Shawn Yue and Candy Lo broke up with Rainie Yang because it is a false thing becomes true.

kindly let me go early in the morning … …

talked about this scandal, Rainie Yang said in response to

I think it is very boring news, we heard several people laughed; possibly to the propaganda!

so Rainie Yang was a careless truth?

that this affair is "propaganda", should be the drama broadcast after two people did not follow the scandal, even two people again after 7 years of cooperation, each other is indifferent face.

---- is my routine line ----

to some extent, Dongyu Zhou and Rainie Yang, Ruan small instrument has similar appearance, figure is not bright bright, personality is not out of the ordinary, only the bones and the outflow of fresh vitality a moving heart, a spring breeze Fumian sense --

is not that we often say that the girl next door?

Zhang Yimou movie and Taiwan idol drama in this small fresh girl next door like "Su face beauty"

their beauty does not play, Ruan small instrument even is not in the traditional sense of beauty, but they feel comfortable sober face no, too many corners of the character makes people relax; each role they played in total to let you easily into your own.

so, whenever they come out of love with your male god, your first reaction is not to burn the men and women, but from the heart of joy, blessing, and even secretly praised the man God has a taste".

Chen Xiaohe Michelle Chen, the girl next door has also been 100 blessing

because your God escaped a wave of "sexy bitch", picking up a "girl next door", ordinary as you.

is ↑ &uarr &uarr sexy bitch; ↑

; ↑ however, specific to your male god Shawn Yue, her sister ten years he will really fall in love with a "no chest but I am very pure" girl next door?

---- Mission Impossible before I line ----

to answer this question, let us first look at Shawn Yue's sister Liao history, also known as "really. The old driver."

sorting from the Hong Kong media reported:


98, known as "Yu Wen long Cassidy" willing to play basketball when met my first girlfriend X Cai Ling (Elaine), Elaine home in a restaurant, looks ordinary, love at the end of 99 years. Six uncle after breaking up with Candy Lo, Elaine interviewed said Le "ungrateful".

Elaine is one of the last six tertiary contacts "girl next door"

Natalie Tong

Shawn Yue to join, the first female friend is Natalie Tong traced.

has a split down because of media reports and get rid of Elaine

1999, Shawn Yue as the "youth @Y2K" casting in Hongkong radio station, and also selected Natalie Tong o, SA et al., together formally from modeling into showbiz.

on E sister Natalie Tong, the deepest impression is "blossoms" in Micheal Tao's sister Lin Lake

during the shoot, Natalie Tong and Shawn Yue struck a spark of love, but love is short.

. Reason:

Natalie Tong: "the most important is I don't know how to accommodate others at the time, prone to miss temper. For example, boys do not like to quarrel, but I often do so. As long as I am angry, no matter where I will be angry, even in the street was passers-by looked at me. After

, Natalie Tong was asked this affair, began to pretend amnesia: "don't remember, something you really don't remember, it's just Puppy Love. "

Natalie Tong but then properly put a SA like campus Belle, than down; however, the idea is that when there are reports that six uncle love Ah Sa during the play, after a SA found him cheating so, the end of love.

Candy Lo

Shawn Yue only admitted his girlfriend is Candy Lo, although it was a long time ago, music and collocation is indeed a story metrosexual man.

Candy Lo dress avant-garde, character

then Shawn Yue, duly completed green boy

two men met in 01 years of radio drama" love your bed "; in love was scarce, strong woman Candy Lo's love for Shawn Yue (training) very deep, public places everywhere to the foot of her face.

this affair for less than a year, Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang scandal exposed, but this period should not be more than propaganda love Lu break up reason.

Shawn Yue after breaking up with Candy Lo, insisted that no third; but the tear of X and two people shouting for a long time, until 03 years old, Candy Lo said, but also through the media message "please self-respect".

is the first love one disaster after another, Elaine also stands accused him of "betrayal", so in a very long period of time, the name "Shawn Yue" in the Hongkong entertainment circle is equivalent to a man". Class= img_box "

"" Candy Lo's "good intention to break up" is also written for him.

Shawn Yue later said that after breaking up with Candy Lo outside constantly accused, so he had to withdraw from the entertainment.

Shawn Yue then said a famous saying: "I'm really sorry that she had been in love with her! "

, but after a lapse of many years, Candy has been married, about this situation is clear.

Emme Wong

after breaking up with Candy Lo Shawn Yue once said, do not want to fall in love, but before long, he was rushed by Emme Wong

Emme Wong the year is known as "little Cecilia Cheung", the emperor pitch tall beauty, with Shawn Yue going out for 5 years. Emme Wong's father is known as the "East tiger" and "new Ngee Ann" big brother Huang Jun.

"five new Ngee Ann", nicknamed "axe Jun" for 95 years, died in a car accident in Thailand. (please send the "Underworld")

Shawn Yue was often photographed in a nightclub gounv, but Emme Wong has always been a vote of confidence in her boyfriend.

, but Shawn Yue Shen Jiawei and Chingmy Yau husband in Japan during the holiday, still embrace female stealing, Emme Wong was caught by friends.

Emme Wong completely disappointed, after the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, active and Shawn Yue ended 5 years of diplomatic relations.

broke up after Emme Wong also wrote a song "

about this song, she said "I wrote the lyrics will certainly have their own feelings and attitudes. I just want to emphasize that I have always been on their own, do not rely on men, any result is their own efforts to fight back!

this time, Shawn Yue do not want to let go, had used 999 roses to restore the feelings, and even seek to help Emme Wong's mother.

later and Kary Ng dated period to Emme Wong for composite, also in an interview after the four mentioned.

until Emme Wong, Danny Chan held in Bali Island before the ceremony.

Danny Chan's" Kung Fu "in the main axes to help, it is said that the prototype reference Emme Wong father Huang Jun.

Kary Ng

Shawn Yue and Kary Ng Shawn Yue in the song "Kary" directed by MV when people become attached to, the main actor is Tony Yang.

Shawn Yue was like a brother to take care of Kary, is a loyal friend, from time to time in the online interactive. Kary is a rich girl, for 10 years more beautiful, a lot of rumored boyfriend Shawn Yue's good friend Pakho Chau, including.

is tall and gorgeous

and Shawn Yue in the past love, two people directly entered the period of love.

of Kary Ng Shawn Yue in every matter, everything to him, he will take care of … &hellip

; but a woman is too too hard, and finally to "my heart and personal" as an excuse to break up.

well, in addition to the previously mentioned he was still with his ex girlfriend Emme Wong contact,

in contact with Kary Ng Shawn Yue in the first "Flying Tiger battle" in the dew point of female Liu Anqi Chuang scene play out the fire

was "suddenly 1 week" burst transfer message to the blue movie actress Luyao Wang Lust (LuLu)

"scale to the children should not be ah!

and Kary Ng so it lasts just half a year off, and after breaking up and kept each other knife … …

E sister to that is really a good show. … …

in addition to the few genuine girlfriend, who worked with Shawn Yue Mandy Chiang, Tang Shiying, actress, Chariene Choi, Gillian Chung, Yang Mi … … no one did not pass over the scandal.

is one of the most noteworthy is A Jiao … &hellip

2002, Shawn Yue and Edison Chan still girlfriend A Jiao film "one look" when the kissing shoot out of affection. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", of course, Edison Chan is quite unhappy.

", in 2003 the" golden song awards "on the Shawn Yue Edison Chan show, quitting on the red carpet and backstage criticize each other, more nearly hit big hand.

was the two brothers, two people after the shipwreck of

intended to avoid the feelings of A Jiao and of course Shawn Yue also did not last long, after half a year in the company under the pressure of a hurry the end.

scandal broke, Shawn Yue defended A Jiao, I hope you give her a little more time and space, finally a return to Man.

---- I am your circle Luan haoluan line ----

throughout six uncle sister Liao history, you will find that, in addition to join Elaine before the rest of the girls next door slightly, … … almost all the beautiful Yan value burst table, the personality or personal independence of conduct. Class=

so, still YY he and Dongyu Zhou? Still feeling his and Ruan Xiaoyi?

Sorry Wuli, the old driver Italy is always Mingyan fiery red rose, white rose girl next door had never entered his world.

on the right side of the Miriam Yeung is to make up the numbers. (pictures from the network)

however, was the favorite red rose is not secure to rely on, you will soon become the old driver on the windows of the mosquito blood … …

for Wuli, the old drivers are the stars of the sea journey!

finally, E sister to say a few words: sincere words and earnest wishes

many sisters, recognize the truth, even if gay does not change the old driver of the "girl next door" really love the initiation of … …

mind, experience is not equal love never want to live for a long time, hold old driver, first put their heart into Seoul, gallop at F1; even so, also cannot resist the old driver "derailed" accelerator.

or, you can see the world of downtown, two sails had to do the old driver go to Bhutan to get married is good … …

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