Yao Ming shares of the company will be listed to uncover his business empire

Yao Ming language Shanghai Oriental basketball club nuoerkang 1980

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(original title: Yao Ming shares of the company is also listed on the! Opened his business empire

) before retiring in 2011, Yao Ming is the 2.26 metre long Yao center ", following the" three inch backboard "is his" world". After retiring, "Yao Zhongfeng" gorgeous turn into "boss Yao", his "world" is no longer the rebound, but the tentacles of the restaurant, Wine manor, basketball club, listed companies and other commercial areas.

now, Yao Ming again to the original shareholders in Shanghai construction Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the display language language building), who holds 0.6% of the shares. In July 1st this year, the wind up to the Commission to complete the declaration, will be in the SSE IPO.

once the language of building successful listing, as the original shareholders Yao Ming will earn pours.

Yao Ming appeared quasi listed companies in July 1st, the Commission published on the website of the "Shanghai building wind show Limited by Share Ltd IPO prospectus" (hereinafter referred to as the prospectus). In the shareholder information column, Yao Ming name impressively, he holds a talk show built 650 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 0.6%, ranked the sixth largest shareholder.

姚明参股公司又要上市了 揭开他的商业帝国

"language of building

ownership structure is not exactly the Yao Ming

basketball star Yao Ming? Yesterday, the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) the reporter dialed telephone box in building the prospectus manual, asked about the identity of the Yao Ming intention. But as of press time reporter, the phone no one answered.

but from Unistrong listed before the list of shareholders, Yao Ming is more than the company's business information, the answer is yes.

language built announcements, Yao Ming's residence in Shanghai city of Xuhui District, which is consistent with Yao Ming Yao Ming in Shanghai; in addition, the ID card number is 310104198009******, according to Unistrong announcement, Yao Ming's birthday is September 12, 1980.

in Unistrong listed before the list of shareholders, the basketball star Yao Ming's identity has been determined, and then Yao Ming shares Unistrong, the name of a "natural person min". In the language of building notice, should be sub min again, he (or she) is Hongying Equity Investment Fund Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the fund's shareholders, Hongying) Yao Ming is also Hongying fund shareholders.

, in fact, more than great-eagle funds and Unistrong, daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter inquiry found that Yao Ming and min son also appeared together in a number of the company's business information. For example, Yao Ming's Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club Limited (i.e. sharks Club), the board of supervisors is min zi.

it is worth noting that the fund also holds Hongying Hongying 81.94% of the equity investment, investment and build 3 million 350 thousand wind Hongying holding shares, the shareholding ratio of 3.1%. This means that Yao Ming directly holds 0.6% stake in the wind up at the same time, the fund held indirectly built wind Hongying stake.

how much this can earn?

language to build what attractions show, can get the favor of Yao Ming?

data show that the language of building including the main business of digital culture display system planning, design, implementation and maintenance service experience. Popular speak, talk show is an undertaking to build city museum, Science Museum exhibition design, marketing and other business of the company, its representative works include the national Moutai Pavilion, Shanghai international tourism resort Disney Hall, Suzhou Taihu Garden Expo Theme Pavilion and other sponge city hall.

2013~2015, the language of building revenues were 594 million, 804 million, 1 billion 18 million yuan, the performance of steady growth; net profit was 21 million 13 thousand and 800, 65 million 79 thousand and 300, 62 million 275 thousand and 600 yuan.

姚明参股公司又要上市了 揭开他的商业帝国

"wind building performance of the past 3 years (unit: million)

but from the gross profit margin indicators, building wind and peers have a certain gap, and below the industry average.

姚明参股公司又要上市了 揭开他的商业帝国


language built gross margin prospectus, the language building is ready to issue not more than 36 million shares, 764 million yuan to raise funds for research and development, construction of digital culture technology exhibition experience marketing construction, three-dimensional city exhibition project.

姚明参股公司又要上市了 揭开他的商业帝国

language built, Yao Ming is not the long-term shareholders of it. The language building was established in August 2003, but until the end of December last year, Yao Ming and investment began to wind Hongying capital stake building exhibition, invested 5 million 70 thousand yuan respectively, 26 million 130 thousand yuan.

has the advantages of simple calculation, Yao Ming and Hongying investment is 7.8 yuan per share value of building wind show capital. Yao Ming in the capital Hongying half a year after the investment, the wind will show to the Commission building filed IPO issue.

that Yao Ming can earn much money?

to build the language of the number of issued shares (36 million shares) and plans to raise the amount of money (764 million) calculation, the issue price per share is roughly 21 yuan, which means that Yao Ming can be a net profit of 8 million 580 thousand yuan, the rate of return of up to 170%.

however, this return is a measure, Yao Ming was finally able to get many benefits, but also depends on other factors:

is a language, can eventually build the market has not been determined; the

is two, the final issue price, after the listing of the stock price is not clear, there may be less than 21 yuan also, may be higher than 21 yuan;

three, Yao Ming shares to be locked for 3 years, 3 years after the stock price is?

Yao Ming

business empire forming the basic language of building impact of IPO, Yao Ming's business empire of the tip of the iceberg, is also a small part of his personal wealth. In addition, Unistrong Yao restaurant, California fitness club, Sunflower Hotel, Wine winery, according to publicly available information, and Yao Ming direct and indirect investment enterprises has reached more than and 20, involving many fields of sports, culture, science and technology, venture capital.

姚明参股公司又要上市了 揭开他的商业帝国

"Yao Ming part of the investment company

Yao Ming's representative of the company are:

1, basketball field: Shanghai tiger shark off Cci Capital Ltd. This is Yao Ming and his wife Yerry's company, which Yao Ming served as executive director, Yerry for the general manager. The company indirectly holds the Shanghai sharks basketball club by the Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club Limited, which is Yao Ming's team. Public reports show that Yao Ming took the team at the time spent 20 million yuan, while the Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club Co., Ltd. is just 20 million yuan.

loves basketball, Yao Ming, did not stop at the Shanghai sharks, a team, he has a greater ambition: the whole of China basketball. Under his lead, the secondary vocational school basketball club (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd was established, 18 CBA club shares of the company. In this regard, the United basketball company said, the purpose of the establishment, in order to safeguard the common interests of the basketball club is greater, and ultimately the formation of community public interests -- despite such interpretation and basketball, but with the competent department for this association is still interpreted as a basketball club.

2, the field of venture capital: Zhuhai general Ye Tim equity investment partnership (limited partnership). This partnership has invested Zhejiang nuoerkang nerve electronic Polytron Technologies Inc, nuoerkang official website information, which is mainly engaged in multi channel cochlear implant system development and production, under the "two project" in 12th Five-Year the national science and technology support program, which extends to the field of science and technology investment for Yao Ming.

3, sports agent: Beijing Zhong Hui International Sports Management Co., ltd.. Founded in August 2004, is a "team of the Yao" for the management of sports marketing company background, main business for domestic and foreign athletes, sports events and brokerage activities management, sports PR consulting, sports marketing consulting, Yao Ming is also responsible for business operations.

opened so many companies, Yao boss is really busy. According to the daily economic news reporter incomplete statistics, he served as director of the 6 companies, the chairman of 3 companies and the general manager of 2 companies.

does not concede in Yao Ming on the court, but also will create the kind of performance in the market? We might as well wait and see.

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