Aerial Hubei was heavy rains in Yichang road the Yellow River"

The Yellow River heavy rain road Yichang Hubei

zhongguoxinwenwang· 2016-08-04 09:26:42

航拍湖北宜昌遭暴雨袭击 公路成“黄河”

August 3rd, Hubei city of Yichang province in Xiaoting District suffered big storm weather, many roads were flooded, like a section of the Yellow River". 11 pm the same day, Xiaoting district began to rain, 3 hour average cumulative rainfall 108.2mm, maximum rainfall occurs in the rainfall monitoring station of cloud pool, 169.5mm. Heavy rains caused most of the roads, some farmland flooded, few factories, housing water, residential areas, School of water, a few local landslide danger. At present, the local government is to lead the masses to disaster relief and rescue, rescue. Zhou Xingliang photo

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