SKT: to complete the road with shaking comeback on new uniforms

Jersey occupation player a barrel.

tuwanwang· 2016-08-04 10:29:01

8 3 LCK SKT on the field after nearly four hours after Jinair and Bo3, in the third inning comeback forced guards change life, difficult to 2 than 1 win.

8 3 LCK SKT on the field after nearly four hours after Jinair and Bo3, in the third inning comeback forced guards change life, difficult to 2 than 1 win.

Q. and Jinair after a bloody victory, how do you feel?

Bang: before because the coach said our recent condition is not very good and very worried, and as difficult as expected. Now also immersed in the last inning, the other side would win, we will win this tug of war, in the end we don't know if I can win, very interesting.

Q.Wolf today with TAM really "eat" a lot of ah

Wolf: head hurts, I like a little indigestion.

Q. feels like you are not concentrated practice and ember EICH, EZ is not how to use it?

Bang: ember and Eich on the line are very strong, high availability. Group war also good to be able to open the group, the line is also good, just better than other heroes. Not what skills is mainly to predict each other's position to be shot. Even if you do not see, the other side of the hero may go, you can feel it. For example, the other side to escape, in accordance with his escape route shoot a little bit far.

Q. this scene is very wonderful (the last big move pass)

Bang: when will help them know people against the last one, so I guess they simply no one will go to the left a little, so I finally hit the left one.

Q. this is how to return a responsibility? Can not see the case of the shot to kill the opposite?

Bang: Well, this is a feeling. I do not know to kill, but feel the last one is too bad, so just hit it (the audience laugh).

Q. feel Blank player today's state how?

Wolf: why do you want to ask me such a difficult question (laughs). He got a barrel hit very well, I think he played really well today.

Q. dragon was robbed several times, and then the command is what?

Wolf: we have been very confident, when playing the Dragon said, "now the disciplinary", may be played a little bit better across. Because the disciplinary contest is half and half, both may grab, there may be robbed, this does not seem to be to blame.

Bang: I was supposed to be the big move with Blank with the results, I found that compared with my two, I told the opposite Winged player with seems to be better. I just finished Blank ah I want to open a big, across the field to see my intention to attack, and then used the punishment. May also be the conductor of the problem, I said to open a big time, it is not immediately open, to finish before the big. How to start when 1

Q. feeling than the 10 team?

Wolf: of course disappointed, but we are occupation players well, get back mentality, then said "to each other.", "don't go" and "hold" and "the edge of the enemy we go to other places.". Really tired, the game ended up lying on my chair. What time

Q. seems to feel the time?

Wolf: I really don't remember, when I was feeling a demon was we caught, it seems to be.

Q. the most difficult moment, who is the most optimistic?

Wolf: (answer) is of course no matter when I.

Bang: Well, it seems to be the most optimistic of us. It's not that optimistic?

Wolf: how to do that ah, pretend to be optimistic!

Bang: not that "we can do it!", but the "go ahead", "they're here we go" etc.. The game is a natural disadvantage of this ah.

Wolf: the game is like this even if the optimistic always a bit of what. The way

against each other and this is the time to "off" a ah

Q. opponent is the dragon, what do you say? Wolf to represent them?

Wolf: two people say?

Bang: or two said they look better.

Wolf: I believe the Dragon Balls Bang. This time we got new uniforms, although it was difficult, but the new uniforms made us very cool, so I think it is supporting the new uniforms blessing we won the game. We SKT with the perfect combination of Fila, using the latest technology. Has been to provide us with the help of the SKT office and Fila, really thank you.

Bang: Thank you for all the fans that have been supporting us. It's really cool. Although before the uniforms is also absorbent cotton, but now this one is better than before. Thanks for coming to the spot, we'll play better in the next game.

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