Talk about the picture | new season started quickly, but also ugly shirt hot eyes.

New season Jersey eyes

hupuzuqiuwang· 2016-08-04 14:31:02

tiger football , click above the blue

there are about two weeks, the 1617 season will be kicked off, the team will wear the whole body, re appeared in front of everyone...... Oh, how the eyes ache, good spicy!


hot eyes? It is because these shirts,

they are simply aesthetic miracle!

(Note: the following alphabetical order)

since the genius of Rodgers as the Celtics coach, the old style has undergone some subtle changes, the first is the road loss to the Gibraltar team, is also engaged in a set of such pink jersey......

coincidentally, when the international Milan into "Milan Suning", the thought can therefore rich players actually forced to sell part-time the Sprite......

when it comes to French aesthetics, aesthetic, has not been too can understand. After watching Bordeaux and Montpelier Away Jersey, I really do not know who is the problem......

since wear away Jersey, slag TERT daily work on more than one - Comfort babies don't play ugly......

but they really don't need to be sad, because I have seen the Norwich shirt, you will find it a mountain higher than the mountain.

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what jersey spicy?

or you have seckill their recommended?

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