The Dongguan office prices rose more than residential become the new darling of investors

In Dongguan investors price darling

wangyicaijing· 2016-08-04 16:30:54

compared to ordinary people and the residential market, the price is not so popular in the office of public attention. In fact, in the first half of this year, the price of Dongguan office has more than the price of residential. But compared with the surrounding Huizhou, Zhongshan, but also in the stage of the value of depression, attracting a lot of investors from residential real estate investment office. Yesterday, in the people's Ying Shan China World Trade Center Center for the first time to meet the media, Dongguan, director of the Central Plains real estate strategy research center Rui Rui shares the following views.

housing prices, investment less attractive

"this year on price and volume of national housing market in the first half of flying, prices soared, but the office building market volume and price growth is bigger than residential, as well as in Dongguan. "Che Rui at the meeting to share the results of his recent market research. He said that in the past ten years, is the price of residential growth more than five times in the past ten years. Dongguan from last year, the Shenzhen off the crazy shopping spree, already at significantly high prices soared after the rapid, from the local purchasing power, the rental income rate of return on investment is very low, the attractiveness of investment in the rapid weakening.

car Devry believes that the Dongguan office market price than the low rent houses, and far more than the high villa, and over the past ten years, the Dongguan office price growth of only about three times, the cumulative increase is far lower than the ordinary residential, there is still some room to rise. Its investment potential has been more and more attention of investors, some residential investors began to invest in office buildings.

on rental ratio, investment office returns higher than residential

into the office of price is growing faster than the residential, but also from the two rental ratio. Office rents are higher than the level of the residential rental level, so the benefits of its investment in rental income is more obvious. For example, now Dongguan ordinary villa rental levels in the 20- 30 yuan / square meter, but the price to go to 15 thousand / square meter or even higher. While the office of the rent level in the 50 -60 yuan / square meter, the corresponding price of only 13 thousand - 15 thousand / square meter. From the rental rate of return on investment than the calculated contrast, villa investment attraction on the decline, the rise in investment attraction of office building. "

car Devry also admitted that although at present prices so high, there are still investors willing to invest in housing, mainly residential Shoufu low level, as long as 2.5- 3 percent, the market threshold is low, and the office must be down 5, higher cost of funds into the market. At the same time, the length of the residential and office of the mortgage is different, the house can be 30 years of mortgage, less pressure on the mortgage; office can only mortgage for 10 years. In addition, the realization and rental, the villa is generally easier.

focus Dongguan office

rent less than Zhongshan, Huizhou

it is understood that the Dongguan office market benchmark project rent, but also in an obvious low. Is not only lower than many second tier cities, and even lower than Zhongshan and Huizhou. Although no matter from the economic strength and demographic indicators analysis, Dongguan office prices have no reason to lower than Zhongshan and Huizhou, but the fact is that.

these cities benchmark landmark office rents are basically 100 yuan per month / square meter, while Dongguan only 80-90 yuan per month / square meter". The reason, car Devry believes that on the one hand is the Dongguan office has not formed a cluster effect; the two is the developer of enterprise brand support is weak; the three is the project of hardware and software of service facilities, there is still much room for improvement. Therefore, he believes that with the gradual improvement of these aspects to strengthen the Dongguan benchmark office rents and prices have a lot of room for improvement.

it is understood that in the past Dongguan office area is not concentrated enough, the surrounding supporting inadequate, resulting in a higher vacancy rate. But with the subway opened this year, the completion of a large commercial complex, heating trend, rate of return on investment in office also began to be optimistic.

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