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O2O mentioned, the real originator should belong to the intelligent mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone is first created a "conference + online + offline Sales Exhibition + Zhiyingdian" mode. For the majority of smart phone manufacturers, they have been quietly practicing online and offline combination of ways to do the product, but it has never said that they are O2O model.

in many netizens, many of today's domestic mobile phone Internet is through online sales, in fact they are just playing the game most of the hunger marketing, mobile phone sales through the line down to complete. These so-called Internet mobile phones each time to grab the line, only to release a small amount of mobile phones to sell, and then put the bulk of the stock to their own channel. This is why so many people have seen a lot of domestic mobile phone every day, calling his sales first, actually is not just because the production and sales of the first to come up, so the shipments will follow, delivery is not equal to the amount of sales of two, the gap is still very large.

intelligent mobile phone sales online through Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electronic business platform and its own website, outlets, stores, mobile phone operators of different channels such as the line is based on their own experience, and the line as the key to open up the closed loop O2O in.

line show the pendulum dragon array

mentioned intelligent mobile phone line, they recount. Recently in this area got more sensational is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and edge+ Note5 launched a national tour in the tasting, tasting, participants can together face to face communication products and photographers, trainers, and continue to allow participants to experience touch products, good to narrow the gap between the brand and the user's emotion the distance, a solid foundation for word-of-mouth play.

, of course, a tasting just Samsung line shows, in addition, Samsung has also frequently held a variety of intelligent mobile phone line trial activities. At the same time, Samsung mobile phones in the world also create a lot of offline experience store, all over the big and small cities, one is dedicated to the user to experience; the other is the experience and sales of one. Samsung mobile phone today's success, with its line experience is not open.

and Samsung are different, apple is completely through the direct store to build the line under the user experience, the experience of the line is a more successful line of the store to do more successful. Whether from the store decoration style, store layout, product placement and other aspects of iPhone, it can be seen that the apple for direct line shop attaches great importance to the user experience, but Apple store experience is mainly concentrated in the big city. In addition, the difference is that, compared to Samsung, apple online user experience in the form of a relatively thin form, some aspects have yet to be improved.

in order to imitate apple, Samsung's success in the high-end market, a lot of domestic mobile phones such as HUAWEI, Meizu also began to build their own line under the experience shop. However, the domestic mobile phone seems to just take the next line store as a sales outlets, in user experience with apple, Samsung than there is a large room for improvement.

said at the conference a hundred flowers contend in beauty of intelligent mobile phone conference, have to mention the originator of Apple mobile phone, and will play to the extreme is Jobs. Perhaps many people can vaguely remember Jobs's demeanor, always wearing a pair of jeans, a black shirt, and then began to teach in the conference as the godfather. At the press conference before each new coming out, Apple will be a mystery like campaign, let the media, fans, netizens crazy random guessing, but not to disclose any new mobile phone information, it's the mystery that Apple mobile phone conference is always full of hope.

but unfortunately, after the great Mr. Jobs gone, Mr. Cook did not take over the inheritance of Jobs the leader of spirit, while the secrecy of Apple's mobile phone is no longer as before the mysterious, with the continuous loss of the apple mobile phone product innovation, apple mobile phone conference sensation has gone for ever.

then, Samsung smart mobile phone in the high-end market in the resurgence of the conference to a new climax. From Samsung's Note series has been to Galaxy, S Note5 series has been to S6 edge+ Galaxy, every new phone conference has become a media and star chase event. Samsung's press conference to pay more attention to the scene of the fashion elements, as well as the scene of interaction.

Samsung mobile phone almost every time the conference will show in the conference site a new mobile phone, allowing participants to feel keenly aware of this, the experience of the site has obvious effect for new publicity. This is the biggest difference with many other mobile phone Samsung mobile phone conference, many mobile phone conference site often did not have a real appearance, is through the scene of the screen to explain products will do what, to the concept of speculation, which is in the domestic mobile phone conference played most incisive.

and apple, Samsung released new shidashi, millet, glory, a plus, hammer, LETV, cool and other domestic mobile phone who is often through a huge conference campaign, the intention is for the mobile phone officially listed and preheating. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers are often in the media and from the media on the top of the invitation to work hard, constantly competing ideas, with the intention of the media and from the hands of the media to preheat a.

in addition to the domestic mobile phone conference also has one of the biggest characteristics: that is no bottom line blowing. Apple, Samsung conference often like to render their own is a new technology, such as Samsung's Note5 Galaxy and S6 edge+ Galaxy, rendering is S-pen, hyperbolic screen and other innovative technologies. Domestic mobile phone are aware of their shortcomings in technological innovation, then began to blow the trumpet in the mobile phone configuration, in order to win the prize.

intelligent mobile phone manufacturers from the performance point of view, which shows today's conference and mobile phone product line shows the importance for the whole intelligent mobile phone sales O2O, either Samsung or apple or not, you will find that they can be ranked the top high-end smart today, with their product line experience is inseparable, and users of the product experience is good or bad for the intelligent mobile phone sales will have a direct impact.

Author: Liu Kuang, Zen enlightenment to the Internet, WeChat public number: liukuang110

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