Hu Ge Shawn Yue Hsu Chi, they're only worried about one thing.

Hsu Chi Hu Ge Shawn Yue Li Chen

tengxunyule· 2016-08-04 20:02:46

recently the biggest entertainment news, is 40 year old Ruby Lin finally to the true love, the United States and the United States to marry out. The netizens have said, "do not have to, and then to marry the night of love".

, but Ruby Lin is happy, entertainment other unmarried star face, but a "universal forced war", netizens have hastened to go from God Goddess micro-blog to marry.

face this year three wedding of Hu Ge will not say, Liu Shishi, Yuan Hong, Wallace Huo have into the wedding hall, only Hu Ge himself still do "single noble". Each wedding for Hu Ge, it is a large "forced" show!

have also been forced as well as 34 year old Shawn Yue. Yesterday morning, a magic circle of friends news, Shawn Yue acknowledged the 46 year old Hongkong host Ruan Xiaoyi came together, and call each other as the object you want. The reporter asked a small instrument in another event, small instrument default love.

results in netizens to barely eat this bowl of dog food, Shawn Yue clarified the rumor girlfriend Oolong event. At the same time, he also called gossip actress Ruan Xiaoyi: "if I had a few years can not find the object, we're together!!!! "

know but little to say, since Ruby Lin" abandon "Alec Su to marry Wallace Huo, our people will never believe this agreement!

female stars are not naturally spared. Ruby Lin and Hsu Chi bestie, in May this year, two people just go to Japan on vacation, numerous netizen called "life". But three months later, Ruby Lin has been married to do a wife, today also announced that it has been pregnant, the pace of more than a little bit faster than Hsu Chi oh.

and Ruby Lin Lin Chiling together, Hsu Chi was known as the "Taiwan three gold 3S lady". Now Ruby Lin is married to Wallace Huo, Lin Chiling and Edison Chan tore X in full swing, suddenly see Hsu Chi, only to be a man of God, his father Liu Ye in the micro-blog open male nerve Shuabing urge marriage.

" while Hsu Chi micro-blog is set to review restrictions, but Liu Ye to marry this comment, or get more than 10 thousand points like. More resourceful netizens decisively toward the goddess of the sex scandal boyfriend micro-blog! The results of … … Stephen Fung micro-blog comments into this picture:

, but for this to marry, Hsu Chi probably accustomed to, she said in an interview, she did not get married, have a bunch of men waiting to marry!

" because of the long tail effect Wallace Huo Ruby Lin wedding, also was to marry the female star and Wallace Huo's former girlfriend - Joe Chen. She was 37 years old since last month to Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Wedding Bridesmaid "bouquet of Hydrangea, with micro-blog over the" flying towards me, distressed her fans rushed to marry open mode.

July 31st ex boyfriend Wallace Huo held a wedding in Bali Island and Ruby Lin, the leader of the east to find a good home voice more.

, so older youth suffering, star and people are the same, but is being urged to push away.

43 year old Li Bingbing shoes, until now still alone, every time the news headlines, are bound to love and marriage ah. It is hard to marry real fans.

Lin Chiling often attended the event, will also be asked about her emotional problems. Before she micro-blog Po a bunch of photos of flowers, was immediately interpreted as someone flowers, almost a good thing. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and small understand the discovery, now the network, long-term single male star, will be good friends! A! A! Yes!

yesterday Shawn Yue was spread love oolong, and Shawn Yue spent 14 years based on the passion of Eddie Peng, also failed to get married. Previously he was in an interview with the media often get married, also expressed the hope that the 35 year old can get married.

but now has 35 year old Eddie Peng from only a few months, but also can object even hair did not see, netizens have said, in fact, Shawn Yue and Eddie Peng are still pretty, not together! Understand the amount of Miss Fu, if they really together, your male god of the temple on a few of the two generals ah! Class= img_box "

so single stars will be pressed marriage, emotional stability of the star is not on the "escape from the day"? No no, in addition to Ruby Lin this love married speed than a shot to users quickly escape, send food stars team escape the robbery!

such as Fan Bingbing and Li Chen after the public relationship, the two men are almost every day to get married rhythm. The sun photo was to marry, issued a single self was to marry, show an emerald ring was to marry, watching the video was to marry, even donate money to urge marriage...

and Fan Bingbing, Li Chen. Jolin and Jin Rong's emotional stability, but also have a similar experience. Jolin and her boyfriend Jin Rong from fell in love since 2009, was to marry several times, just two days ago, Jolin has epoch-making for the first time in six years of active and open box with her boyfriend high-profile show of affection, excited fans once again see hope, marry and come more violent some.

is just a small understand happiness think, there are many ways, of course, single love, marriage is the road to happiness. For example, about marriage, Jolin had made it clear that today we are lovers, as long as they identify each other, which is quite enough, I do not need that piece of paper.

and for many years of love to enter the marriage hall of the stars, they need more than just a marriage contract, but should have a separate space as an individual. Marriage is not to enter the "older" is the inevitable choice of the road, on this point, "one world, one worry, I believe many children must have a deep experience.

but then again, to understand the miss or sincerely wish you all star can get the number plate of love as soon as possible! Because there is love to see Ruby Lin look &hellip in mothering feast and Wallace Huo; … really want a world without food!

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