The Olympic Games is coming, and the pioneers also have not been idle!

The Olympic Games pioneer idle Blizzard

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from the 2016 Rio Olympics getting closer, but it seems that everyone's attention is not on the Olympics, but some outside factors. Such as security, venue construction, basic services of these things, now talk than the Olympic games interesting. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" no way, who let the Olympic Games from the friendship first into the life of the first, the athletes are safe!

even so, after all, the Olympic Games or the Olympic Games, world attention is still bursting, so-called thin dead camel is bigger than a horse "is the truth.

has long been said to launch a new skin of the watch pioneer, in August 3rd finally also through the Olympic Games were updated, the Olympic theme of the skin and a series of related activities are all on the line. This week's

melee mode, game player can only choose the heroes of Brazil "Lucio" game. And this is no longer the scuffle can kill, but also need to use the sonic soccer kick into the opponent's goal is to win. Class= img_box "

Brazil hero playing football, this is Brazil! The

model has been in the scuffle because "watch pioneer" inside is very unpopular, so attention is so true. In contrast, the players are very high degree of concern for the new skin can be quite high.

yesterday a new skin, a variety of broadcast and video out of the box out, hand chop sound can be heard without end. Class= img_box "

new skin influence is so big, and the skin is not a random draw out. You know, it has always been buried love blizzard in some small eggs, and in this update in the skin of Kun really found a lot of interesting highlights!

first look at the Purple Legend quality skin , most of the purple quality of the skin is in the premise of the hero model to replace the color. Do not underestimate the simple color change, remove the flag elements do not say, these skin but very learned. "South Korea's"

D.VA class= "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_5" style= "='>

D.VA seems not so outstanding, even the original body battle suit texture without any changes. Careful observation will find that the D.VA signature at the top of the body is replaced by the South Korean flag.

in the emergence of new skin at the same time, D.VA painting has also been updated with a new image of the bike. First look at the South Korean venue to the team's game picture it!

is not very familiar with the color, because "they uniforms of the Korean players" completely consistent!

D.VA appeared in the South Korean cycling team may not be reliable, but some day in the future gaming to compete in the Olympics, she won glory for the country is not impossible.

on the girl, don't retire early!

angel "Swiss"

angel will give our sister as long as playing game player a sense of security, occupation as adjuvant therapy is not the core security team. The "Swiss" first look and feel the skin Angel quite in tune, but behind the cross symbol we don't want to become a "Red Cross", this cross is Flag of Switzerland pattern!

go back and see the angel new paint, holding the racket body was dressed in white, apparently not set the skin from Switzerland's "badminton team.

looking carefully after the discovery, new angel skin and Swiss Soccer Jersey design fit close to 100%......

European countries really have a sense of enthusiasm for football, but the game only Lucio can play, or angel sister silently with a small pistol "hit" basketball!

then Tobey "Swede"

and specializes in "love always wins the" Swiss, Swedes now in Europe there is a wave of tough, the name is called the Viking white (black), red beard pirates two skin has indicated a problem.

compared to the two Viking skin, "Sweden's" Tobey ang is clearly a lot of convergence, referring to the design of the skin 2016 Rio Olympic athletes clothing. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and "the Swedish player" compared to the skin, the new spray paint is very interesting. Don't try to find where a water polo player from the paint shirt, if you can, it will laugh at myself for being an idiot! "Japan's" Genji

unfortunately, this update does not appear at the same time two Japanese players' skin, it seems that only one person can Genji on behalf of their play. Class= img_box "

as for this "Japanese player" skin, design really really...... Fierce! In addition to a small part of the chest is painted red on behalf of the national flag, the basic body is all white, snow game background map can't "camouflage" function.

in addition, painting in Genji incarnation of the fencer, is also the character appeared, because fencing is also a white shirt.

black Lily "France's"

in the "pioneer" watch, black Lily said he estimated the figure of second don't dare to say first, tights and deep "V" set the general body but can not control.

so the official logical black Lily "France's" James into French gymnast".

even purple skin can not make too much change in the heroic texture, but the new skin color black Lily and the French team is fully consistent with the gym suit. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" Hey, think about the black Lily in the balance beam on the appearance, but also really looking forward to it!

Mccrea "American players"

public evaluation of purple skin in the most conscience of a, visual effect to go beyond a lot of orange skin. The flag draped over the body, are generally a celebration of the Olympic athletes after getting good results. Can be seen Mccrea was placed high hopes!

about American athletes wearing the flag, one thing the most famous dates back to the year when the "dream team" title. Famous basketball player Michael Jordan on the stage to accept the award on the shoulders of the flag, looks very good. But later to know that this is a misunderstanding, because he signed an agreement with a sports brand, do not wear other brands of clothes in public appearances. So he can only use the flag to cover the clothes label...... Class= img_box "

" seems to have no one to sponsor Mccrea!

finished purple skin, to see the highlight of the epic skin !

Lucio "striker" "football players"

even now the Olympic Games is about to begin, the first thought of the country to bring Brazil this country is likely to be football rather than the Olympic games. No way, Brazil's influence in the world of football is so big.

"Lucio look at the football players' skin, I believe that as long as a little attention will be able to know where it comes from sports in what place.

" yellow shirts, blue shorts and green accessories, HuoTuo is a Brazil soccer jersey. Brazil fans have said the skin to make them a little "can not help", since it is so angry to open 50 cases of it!

check "Leah weightlifter" champion "

Lucio of the Brazil football theme skin looks very comfortable, but" pioneer "in the Olympic Games and watch closest person is not him, but found leah. The reason is very simple, her career is a weightlifting athlete.

, however, the check of the Olympic theme Leah skin, and the actual Russian weightlifting team uniforms are quite different, in contrast it is more like the Russian soccer jersey.

estimation of skin designers also have their own a helpless, because the Russian weightlifting team because of doping incidents can not participate in the Olympic games......

is too miserable, check Leah so muddleheaded by guilt, not surprisingly, these two clothes are her early in training when they stay!

crack air "track and field" "runner"

if you want to "watch pioneer" in the selected a track and field athletes, then the crack is no longer suitable for the. Usually fast shuttle on the battlefield, known as the most versatile game of the hero.

"athletes" selection skin close to the Olympic theme color, compared with the "runner" is the perfect British athlete shirt looks really is a British player in the battlefield gallop.

, the crack run fast because of the transition in the space, but the Olympic Games should not let her do it......

in addition to the skin, there are many elements of this update are implanted in the game, the new map settings and heroic gestures and so on there are many eggs waiting for us to explore. Don't worry, concern interesting live weekly column, watch a little knowledge of all pioneer oh!

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