Song Joong Ki retired domestic drama for one hundred million limit order issued Huanjiao traced to Korea

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xinlangyule· 2016-08-05 09:02:41

, the former all star Jin Shengzhu on reported by TV drama "beautiful" she replaced the news, "the Han Ling" previews. Today the network rumors, a Zhejiang film company remake of the TV series "Shushan" chivalrous swordsman biography has entered start the countdown stage, the producers force invited South Korean star Song Joong Ki starred actor, and Song Joong Ki team offer one hundred million yuan fee, now is the Han Ling "limelight too quickly, the producers consider again the final decision from Song Joong Ki.

" according to the "Shushan" chivalrous swordsman biography cast a staff revealed that the play main role will be domestic star artist, Song Joong Ki and Kim Su Hyon are the actor candidate, the crew and Song Joong Ki negotiate for a long time, but because the other one hundred million for the fee, appetite is too big, producer with the Song Joong Ki brokerage team repeated negotiations, has not yet reached the signing of this step.

天价!宋仲基接拍国产剧要价一亿 限韩令出台被曝换角

"now Han limit order" released, the producers for SARFT this measure of support, and considering the other situation, decided to abandon Song Joong Ki. The staff also said South Korean artist to China filming they reward is in about ten times the country's South Korean artists also have some special requirements on stylist, assistant staff with the group shot.

天价!宋仲基接拍国产剧要价一亿 限韩令出台被曝换角

the day before, many industry insiders confirmed that the administration does have the intention for the Korean artists performing arts activities in China are limited, but it should be as accurate "control", rather than blocking the rumors.

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