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Take-Two today released its 2017 fiscal first quarter financial report, specifically from April 1st to June 30th revenue. "GTA5" and "Online GTA" performance is still strong, but this does not reverse the company's loss situation.

this quarter, the company's net income reached $311 million 600 thousand, compared to the same period last year growth of 13%. Take-Two said, "GTA5", "Online GTA", "2K16 NBA" and "for the war and health" as the main contributors to income. But Strauss Zelnick CEO admits, "for the war," the performance is not up to expectations.

digital net income also increased by $154 million last year increased to $172 million 100 thousand. And similar to the DLC and virtual currency of the name of the cycle of consumer spending, income is an increase of 18%, accounting for 31% of the total revenue.

even if the performance is good, the company is still a loss of $38 million 600 thousand, but the loss of $67 million compared to the same period last year have improved.

as part of earnings, Take-Two also released some information about the game.

Rockstar is about to announce the next new project. The statement said: "Games Rockstar is doing its best to create exciting new projects, which will be published in the near future. "yes, whether it is you, or me, are looking forward to" new project "includes:" wilderness biaoke 2 ". The

console version "UFO 2" release date from September 6th until September 30th (North America September 27th).


2" UFO "civilization" series has been shipped 35 million units.

on the "Mafia 3" showed a very high expectations. In an investor conference call, Zelnick said Mafia 3 received a warm response to the publicity to let the company proud". The high investment and good market reaction of this work make the company have great expectations for the company ".

3 "E3" Mafia acclaim Promo

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