Photos: Chinese naval vessels open day festival activities

Navy open day ship China

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Chinese people's navy navy day is

terminal on the edge of the 982 "Taihang Mountain" ship. The 982 hull number with a shadow side of the new ship hull number.

bow of the HPJ17 30 mm single tube gun. Landing ship

new 30 mm tube artillery and 072II type tank old twin 57mm gun. On the deck of the

aft of the helicopter deck can also be equipped with landing vehicle, through the bridge under the channel to drive the forward deck for loading.

deck cover, open g crane can be directly to the bulk lifting in landing the big cabin, cargo transport missions. Class= img_box "

ship installed with 2 3-5 tons of telescopic crane, can be easily suspended cargo.

ship buoy

in the ship tank tank made camp cultural corridor

fitness equipment and hanging over the wall of fixed tanks with steel cables.

stern door vehicle through the tail door into the tank landing, amphibious tank can also be flashing from entering the tank, ensure landing front towards the front. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" large module central draw a badminton court, to facilitate the soldiers usually exercise. Landing door and double folding first springboard

bow and and this is our innovation developed a landing springboard, won the 1980 national defense industry and the office of major technological improvements second-class award.

"I yearned for the ocean" - Navy Taihang Mountains of ship to ship song. < p > Hubei police busted recruit prostitute card prostitution point 8 mayors and business men and women were arrested < university library now groping hand touch girls skirts < Vietnam women "Yanzhao" exposure: training not to wear underwear,
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