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" after a long application season, many students finally get the coveted American high school admission notice. Soon they will open the United States overseas trip, alone in a foreign school for several years. How to unpack both appropriate and thoughtful, how to start planning ahead of American high school life, let the future path of study, in order to become a degree of relaxation, I believe this is every prospective students to think of the problem.

recently, the reporter interviewed industry experts and us students in reading, for prospective students coming to the United States in the explanation of these problems. The United States

before the "book"

baggage, in addition to conventional supplies, said in Northeast Connecticut EASTLEY Mu high school Sara pack might bring a dictionary of English, don't be afraid of its weight, "to the United States, this dictionary became Canon not easy to buy a dictionary in the United States, and the price is expensive". In addition, the eyes of the students can consider myopia with a pair of glasses, in case of loss or damage, in the United States with the price of glasses with almost domestic, but the unit is to be replaced by u.s..

"old godmother and other souvenirs with as little as possible, in the United States in addition to Chinese less states such as Wisconsin, China food in the city for many Chinese city everywhere, especially in some cities on the west coast, the campus is more than half of Chinese, Chinese restaurants are also common. "Sara told reporters.

"from being admitted to the school, students must develop the habit of frequently check the mailbox, the international department and departments often sent some messages very important, which includes time arrangement, course introduction, school profile, school profiles, tutor and other related information, near the school, will receive a new meeting invitation. "

according to Sara, the new instructions will not force everyone to participate, but to catch up with the best students arrived at the scene, because this is the first time to meet with the instructor and other management staff of the first meeting. Same day。 You also have the opportunity to see the students from all over the world, different from the new domestic welcome meeting so serious and procedural, the school director, in addition to the necessary link, the more important part is between the teachers and students to talk freely.

for an international credit card, at the same time, do not ignore the importance of timely repayment. The basic principle is that the parents of the students in which the bank has a debit card, the general office of the bank credit card, so convenient transfer payments. Sara said, every time when you use the credit card consumption, equal to produce a small loan, the bank for the payment of goods for you, and then you put the money back to the bank, if you keep the repayment schedule, so that your economic stability, your credit score will increase.

America is a highly personal credit, personal credit record will affect the day after rent, for shopping discount cards, car loans and other aspects, there is no good credit record, a lot of things do not.

has a basic understanding of the American legal system. The United States is the automobile Kingdom, almost no car can't do anything, many students arrived in the United States after the first thing to do is to test a driver's license, but the state provisions on driving is slightly different, some local regulations over the age of 16 can drive on the road, there is 18 years old, in special circumstances such as California, under the age of 18 to hold foreign driver's license the non California residents, only 10 day in California. In addition, students had put them in the back of the car and the defendant in court, crimes of negligence causing death by suffocation pet.

in addition, the United States on the punishment of academic cheating is very heavy. Cheating in college is almost equal to the crime, such as are found, the school will take warning records, short time, closed to participate in community service or even expelled from the different degree of punishment on students according to the severity of the violation.

"no school flag raising ceremony and speech"

is different from the domestic three years of high school education, American high school for 4 years, the domestic junior and senior high school and. Many do not understand the high school education in the United States will think that American high school easily, unlike the domestic emphasis on the sea tactical, the importance of quality education, education.

but this is not the case. Study in Taiwan, the president of the United States to study in the United States, Zhang Hengrui graduated from the Yale University, and later opened the study institutions and business development to the mainland. He stressed that the difficulty and intensity of American high school and the country is not the same order of magnitude, not comparable.

American high school class time is very tight, every day 8 to 3 in the afternoon after school, day 7 to 8 classes, each class with an average of 45 minutes. China girl Candy this holiday just graduated from Massachusetts, John twenty-three world high school, she told reporters: "I went to the United States before and feel that they are very easy to learn, but after that, no flag raising ceremony in American schools, no principal speech and student representatives to speak, not reading and eye exercises, no break fuck, no lunch, eat only half an hour break, only three or four minutes, very nervous, because the classroom is not fixed, the student is basically run book in hand, go to the bathroom are very anxious, afraid of being late too embarrassed. "

course as well as art

" American high school credit system, with the domestic university are similar, are divided into compulsory and elective credits credits, students according to their own interest in the corresponding elective courses, Xiuman certain score to graduate. "Zhang Hengrui explained, MCPO courses are usually divided into six categories, English, mathematics, natural science, social science, second language and art curriculum.

in Connecticut, Sheffield middle school as an example, the school requires each of the graduates have 18 credits, including 4 credits in English, 4 credits in mathematics, 2 foreign language credits, 2 credits in science, 2 credits, 1 credits of history of art, religion or philosophy credits 3.

"of American high school don't let down, as early as possible understanding and planning is of great help to students, especially before the beginning of the course, if you want to get good grades, enter" Ivy League "course to spend enough time and energy. Zhang Hengrui said.

"special attention is needed for each subject according to the degree of difficulty, and is divided into general courses, honors courses and college preparatory courses, many students don't know much about us course, blind selection, even pick a difficult course, resulting in injuries difficult to make up for university. "Candy told reporters, usually in the student orientation, each student will see their course consultant, they can help students, but the students have their own thinking, they suggest you choose mathematics courses and specialized courses, science, history and literature, this course looks very reasonable, and coordination, but for many American students came to Chinese, said very large pressure course.

"literature, history, economy and other courses, because contain a lot of English reading and writing, the China students will not be easy, because most people do not have a good foundation in English, classroom discussion, these courses after class reading and writing will spend a lot of time, especially to the United States in the key to adapt to the culture of the period. There is little hope in the face of such pressure. "Candy's approach is to leave these courses to high school or high school. "

wants to get a high score test, also want to learn skills, this is the test of students' ability. "Zhang Hengrui suggested that students in the school began to prepare a few weeks ago, understand each class generally classroom design and the direction of study, which can determine their own familiar course, began to learn from the good part, the students' computer ability is very prominent, usually in high school before many people already have a good foundation, China it is difficult for students to understand the project, they may be as easy as blowing off dust can be completed, the Chinese students to pay more efforts.

to consciously remember the names of

in addition to the different with the domestic elective system, the United States high school there are some special design to help students improve their academic level. Sara said that the teachers in the US usually every Monday a fixed period of time set by officehour (liberating time), to help the students answering questions, China students can consider the teacher office hour added to his schedule.

to some extent, hour office is even more important than the classroom. The classroom, the teacher is mainly about the basic concepts on the books, and in the period of the officehour, you can ask more about class materials and homework details, of course, is also very important to establish a good relationship with the teacher.

another point is to make full use of writingcenter (Writing Center) in the school. Candy said, usually by the high grade students volunteer service teams, help writing articles, often to consult them, sometimes let others point out your errors, or query data sources where you can, make you more profound impression, and can quickly improve the level of writing".

"to the United States, the Chinese students will find many courses need to be discussed after class. As a young American students to participate in group projects, so in this respect, and Chinese students experience weak … … just to read the Chinese us students, unless you own especially confident, otherwise don't rush job at the last minute, before the beginning of the American students, you should think about their own part of the slow need to start early. "Candy says.

in China, the most popular parents and teachers like students, but in the United States, in addition to their academic level, the community is also very important to a person's physical fitness. American high school usually arrange a wide variety of sports for students, more than 3 in the afternoon after class, is the time of physical exercise, if a boy to join the school football team and became a captain in the students is the highest honor. Candy quipped, mother China free will let the children learn in the home, the mother was not, "you see the kid next door into the school team, you don't get to the Internet, go out to play".

in addition, prospective students should pay attention to remember each other's name". "Get along with American students, remember someone's name is the first step to learn together and social relationship, Chinese students can see more of popularname list (popular name list of male and female students), understand the background information corresponding to the name, more convenient to communicate with others. "Candy told reporters.

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