Jimmy Lin twins 8 months younger brother like very Father

Father son Jimmy Lin twins

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-05 12:59:53

brother Kyson and Jimmy Lin are more like the

according to the Taiwan media "news" reported on August 4th, the 41 year old Jimmy Lin and his wife Chen Ruoyi married 6 years, have 3 sons, the eldest son and wife with him, went to Venice to celebrate the wedding memorial day, twin sons is still in the home, finally going home after the end of the trip, he thought the child eager drying out two sons with 8 months of photos on Facebook, so that fans could not help but exclaim, twin brother Kyson and he looks more and more like.

, the eldest son of Jimmy Lin Kimi is 6 years old, twin sons is December 2015 was born, 4 in his face book drying out two small photos of his son, with childish tone wrote "! Dad than mummy and Kimi brother to go home, I miss you oh, the photos can be seen 2 sons wearing 8 months of baby clothes, seems to imply that the twins were brought up for 1 months.

addition, photo is on the left side of the right is the younger brother brother Jenson, Kyson, Kyson when the fans found laughing eyes will be narrowed, with Jimmy Lin almost is carved out of a mold; Jenson is a bit like Kimi when I was young, more like mother Chen Ruoyi, brothers eyes and nose shape has begun to differ the fans frequently praised too cute! Like my brother, three brothers group after a new group ", saying:" the son really can not live, and dad like most of the".

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