U.S. media: Macdonald Kendl Ki brilliant in China no longer

Equity McDonald's KFC price

wangyicaijing· 2016-08-05 13:04:34

U.S. media said, China mentioned billions of dollars in the fast food industry, TRICON global restaurants and McDonald's Corp called giant, in 2015 the two companies combined market share reached 38%. As a product of American consumers eager to taste, yum's KFC and McDonald's long-term large-scale growth.

according to Bloomberg News website reported in August 4th, and now, in the two major giants consider stripping their business in China, analysts lamented the glorious days are no longer exist. There are signs that, as consumers turned to healthier choices, and China type food chain enterprises -- surged from Hot pot to soup, the two companies dominated on the fast food industry is slowly fading.

these adverse factors may explain why investors on the Chinese Yum and McDonald's business interest is not too high, at least for now. declined to its valuation and conditions in the bidders, Yum will be less part of the stake to Chinese partner's plan seems to be shelved, and several potential bidders in McDonald's also because of harsh trading conditions finked out. said Yum has come up with 20% business in China equity plan before the end of the year to $2 billion valuation as a separate part of the listing. It is said to be the price of McDonald's for its franchise in china. Li Weihua, a management professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said: "5 years ago, buyers must have had more interest, but then they did so well and they didn't sell it. "Li Weihua China franchise management the author of 30 books, and that the first store opened in 1987 is the beginning of China KFC franchise industry. He said: "with the scenery no longer, if they do not sell now, 5 years later it is worth less. "

in China Parkson fast food business still considerable, there are 7200 stores. However, according to Euromonitor data show that Yum's market share has dropped substantially from 40% in 2012 to 23.9% last year, while McDonald's market share fell from 16.5% in 2013 to 13.8% last year. McDonald's has about 2200 stores across the country.

, according to people familiar with the bidding said, McDonald's has attracted from Beijing three Yuan Food Co. Ltd., sanpower group and Beijing tourism group and other bidders interested in.

some of the other chain catering enterprises more prestigious has yet to stand out, including the Taiwan giants Tinghsin International Group, the company's market share was 7.7%, Dicos's fast food chain, in addition to Wallace and Kung Fu fast-food fast-food, the two market share was 3% and 2.2% respectively. Huarun group, which operates the Pacific Coffee, has also avoided bidding.

vice president of Pacific Coffee Todd · July 29th; Lee said in a telephone interview, Pacific Coffee and McDonald's and Yum has a different franchise mode, so if you buy the two fast-food brands will be difficult to conduct business coordination. In McDonald's and Yum dealers, more like investors, and usually take profitable and well-known enterprises in all stores. Li said, Pacific Coffee is looking for experienced dealers to open new stores.

reported that potential buyers may not be willing to spend billions of dollars in Chinese consumers have been familiar with the well-known fast food brands. Yum's KFC in 1987 near Tiananmen in Beijing opened its first store. Hao Yongqiang, deputy director of the China Chain Management Association, said: "companies already in the industry know that this could be a big brand, but they are out of date in the consumer concept. They will compare this with the amount of money that needs to be invested. "(compile / Liu Xiaoyan) class=

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