Scientists have found new evidence that reliable King Yu combating the flood

Scientists evidence earthquake accumulation of stone

xinhuashe· 2016-08-05 21:27:55

in August 4, Xinhua news agency, Washington (Reporter Lin Xiaochun) in China "known to every family King Yu combating the flood" of the story, some scholars believe that this is the ancient legend. However, a US research team announced in the U.S. "science" magazine on the 4 day, they found a scientific evidence of ancient super big floods in the the Yellow River River Basin, the flood is likely catastrophic flood is mentioned in the story "King Yu combating the flood.". At the same time, it also provides an important support for the historical authenticity and the starting time. (from: Xinhua)

person in charge of the study, now the Nanjing Normal University staff Wu Qinglong told Xinhua, although many people think that Dayu flood story has some basis in fact, but had been found no scientific evidence this big flood. In 2007, he participated in the upper reaches of the the Yellow River River Jishixia geological investigation accidentally saw some special debris, after it is a huge ancient flood sediments. Because of the huge size of the flood, they speculated that this is likely to be the source of China's great flood legend. (from: Xinhua)

at the scene may be this: a strong earthquake triggered a massive landslide in the Yellow River landslide blocked the Jishi Gorge, 6 to 9 months, formed a huge lake, continue to increase the amount of water lake outburst and as many as 11 billion to 16 billion cubic metres of water discharged rapidly in a short period of time, the formation of a huge flood flow. The Yellow River currently has the biggest floods recorded occurred in 1843, the largest flow of about 36 thousand cubic meters per second, while the flood flow may be about 10 times the 1843 flood, 300 thousand to 500 thousand cubic meters per second. (from: Xinhua)

of the United States to participate in the study" Purdue University professor Darryl · Grainger in "science" magazine held a conference call with reporters explained: "from another perspective, the biggest flood almost with the world's first river Amazon had a maximum flood occurred in the earth, nearly 10 thousand years of. "The size of the flood disaster in Chinese (clear record of) the historical period did not happen, is a very rare huge flood, therefore, we concluded that it should be with the" King Yu combating the flood 'about the flood, "Wu Qinglong said. (from: Xinhua News Agency)

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