Taiwan media: Taiwan can not avoid the burning car.

Taiwan truth tour elegiac couplet

renminribaohaiwaiban· 2016-08-06 06:20:41

7 19, 24 mainland tourists in Taiwan Tourism car accident killed the flames, or murder? Taiwan police have released the information cited conjecture, Taiwan political figures this tragedy was also a concern. This week, Taiwan's "United Daily News" published a commentary that: no matter how hard the last of the truth, Taiwan can not be avoided. Review of citations as follows --

group of mainland tourists have found new clues burning car incident, prosecutors and police found the driver Su Ming gasoline placed on a bus, and found its stomach with alcohol residue may involve drunk driving, and turn toward premeditated revenge or cynical self Immolation arson case. Not expected, then he found sexual assault vehicle female tour guide record, only in June after two trial Panpei 900 thousand yuan, the prosecution does not exclude him so to commit suicide and pull the whole car. These belated discovery shows the unraveling of prosecutors and the police, worthy of recognition. However, in the group of mainland tourists to reach the families of victims claim settlement after departure, turn the case was urgent, from the determination of traffic accidents upgrade for premeditated murder, which will not only add to the victims' families discontent, also make many mainland people criticised Taiwan deliberately concealing the truth, such a sentiment once fermentation, be detrimental to future cross-strait tourism exchange the.

the burning vehicle incident quickly and anxious, 24 mainland tourists and Taiwan tour guide at the same time, the driver died in the fire, so start as accident, all the focus is concentrated at the safety door lock, electrical fire, car modification problem at. Unexpectedly, the original is considered dull, silent teetotal driver Su Mingcheng, unexpectedly broke put gasoline, drunk driving, sexual assault and other problems, and once said to "do a large", let the prosecutors and police cars burning may have shocked human factors. In particular, before the accident, Su Mingcheng had disappeared 100 minutes, this time, he in addition to drinking, but also on the car to do something, it is necessary to solve the mystery. In the case of the

process in the outside world is a sudden turn for the worse, it is difficult to accept the burning vehicle is premeditated argument, think Su Mingcheng might not be so cruel, so some people questioned whether the intention of prosecutors and police referred to a person has been unable to refute. A seemingly ordinary driver should have are so dangerous, in an instant claimed more than and 20 lives, this is to let people shiver all over though not cold! In fact, the burned out of the embarrassing fact that the car is not only on this. Because of the burning vehicle killed Taiwan tour guide Zheng Kunwen before the memorial, Cai Yingwen sent a model of "long Zhao" elegiac couplet, but in mainland tourists were killed seven Memorial, but she did not make any representation. It was for her to explain, is the Zheng Kunwen family requested to send the elegiac couplet, Lu guest families did not request. This description is completely in a perfunctory, be beneath the human character. Just think, mainland tourists to Taiwan for the first time but unfortunately kesiyixiang, family members how to know the custom of the Taiwan Society for the elegiac couplet "? What's more, the land off the victims memorial ceremony hosted by the public sector, and human based on empathy, why Cai Yingwen can not take the initiative to send couplet? 'small things, but to "cold-blooded" and ridiculed, which reflects Taiwan what kind of humanity?

finally, apart from the driver Su Mingcheng's motive not to talk, let's look at his working conditions. It is said that mainland tourists served as a driver, his salary is only 18 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), even the statutory basic salary of 28 thousand yuan is not up to the success depends on the tour, pumping 300 yuan a day when mainland tourists shopping allowance and 2% of the income of 30 thousand yuan. In the burning vehicle on the eve of the group of mainland tourists to stay in the south to a business hotel, Su Mingcheng slept on a bus. When all (Taiwan administrative departments) to talk about "seven take" the ideal, Cai Yingwen ordered the inspection of labor security, so there is no dignity of workers in Taiwan "kindness" and meet the eye everywhere, and when we can ze them? Fire car not only on both sides of the river, but also related to the truth of society in Taiwan.

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