Blood dragon lock trigger mechanism discuss triggered effect very strange

Dragon mechanism

tuwanwang· 2016-08-06 08:45:00

hit is the absolute effect of other equipment to trigger the explosion, call in the field practice of a strange situation, only 3 burst (not TP), but the call of the two strange, will show the burst 6.

other equipment hit effect is absolutely unable to trigger the explosion of

in the practice field to summon a strange case of

only 3 burst (not TP) but

summons two blame will show burst 6

similarly three mobs will burst 9

so others test in the process of

and not the other the equipment caused an explosion triggered hit

this chart shows the 4 explosion figures for the 1754999

watch and several 1 hit this is caused by the damage

hit if the trigger should be far more than the 4 explosion test errors is

the explosion of

AOE is very large and the

trigger effect is also very strange

effect after the trigger as long as the explosion of AOE within the scope of the blame Will fried 3

so it was mistaken for other equipment hit triggered

in my

talk about the experience of my appointment two magic gun a Zhao Yun a burst of Guan Yu

results blood lock dragon

are playing so Guan Yu

with this weapon even civilian equipment brush pressure following plane adventure little

then there is no

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