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tuwanwang· 2016-08-06 08:45:17

a while ago came the milk cut hanbok, reducing FANGBIAN percentage of the news may cry. This is no doubt on the main C are not a small blow. Especially those without a high increase by 2 guaranteed 1 output. The overall attack power is bound to decline a lot.

Hello, recently came the milk cut hanbok, reducing FANGBIAN percentage of the news may cry. This is no doubt on the main C are not a small blow. Especially those without a high increase by 2 guaranteed 1 output. The overall attack power is bound to decline a lot. So as a helper to find damage from other aspects of the increase. To enhance the damage of his teammates. Whether it is milk or flowers. Can be added after the buff for other equipment. Of course, if you do not have to change the output of the output is too large. When the auxiliary aura was born, especially the revision of the HF set will be taken to the extreme form of totem. Let's be the mascot. A lot of points in

ring auxiliary flow, such as increased property enhancement, reduce the resistance of the monster, increase the team dimension, reduce monster defense, but whether that purpose is the same, increase the team weaken the enemy.

, a reduction of anti assisted

said by anti we first thought must be taken, because the day by anti it is too strong, in addition to four pieces of armor shoes outside the corresponding 4 kinds of attributes, each piece can be reduced 44 of the resistance, the equivalent of teammates bring a magic stone. To reduce the resistance of equipment not only taken parts. Including fake pig jewelry, ghost suit or like a legend left slot stone fragrant snow. To reduce the resistance of the equipment is too much, I also do not have the significance of the list.

since the choice to use to reduce the resistance to increase the damage to teammates, we need to know exactly how much damage can be added to his teammates. In order to calculate the convenience, we have to assume that the team after the figure is a strong 220 is normal in terms of a not a strong buff career, a graduate is also almost a strong. If the map is a strong higher than 220, plus will naturally reduce some of the.

a strong promotion of science first under the formula: strong growth promotion (formerly = strong / strong +220)

means that every increase of 1 points is a strong will to bring 0.227 of the team.

using the auxiliary flow as an example, shoulder 44 reduction of 3 light anti fake pig jewelry 45 less light resistance,

89/440=20, temporarily not other equipment can bring nearly 20 increase to a teammate. Of course, if you ignore the high income will be relatively reduced some, on this basis can also be matched with other equipment, revenue will be higher.

anti -

anti -

light shoulder and fake pig jewelry can be perfect superposition of shoulder anti - Anti - shoulder and shoulder can not be superimposed on the light.

two, minus anti

last time has been introduced, not too much introduction. The current version of

can be matched with specific weapons with thousands of beads, such as pain, long nails, green home coat for reduction and prevention. Future versions of

can use the blue seal, and other equipment to reduce and prevent the eyes.

three, tactical

totem sets.

a set of tactics can give a total of 80 to increase the base attack, 20 of the properties to strengthen, 500 of the intelligence force. In fact, the tactical set to a teammate acceleration is very much but the speed most of the occupation and cannot be converted into attack,

80 attack is about 2 improvement, 20 genera and 4 strong promotion, if there is milk in Antu buff well, 500 intelligence forces probably less than 7 increase. Overall can enhance the damage of teammate 15.

is said to be the halo effect of tactical units can be superimposed, that is, if 2 people at the same time to wear can increase the intelligence and strength of 1000, but I do not have the conditions for testing, conditional people can go to try.

set of tactical disadvantage is that parts of addition is too low, and with a set of SS to 15 increased damage to the players are too wasteful. The addition of the 500 attribute is affected by the milk. Overall, if not to a certain extent the nouveau riche milk, no one set of people to wear tactics when the auxiliary to.


in fact, the epic is not suitable for us. There is a set of epic when C, more suitable for popularization is to wear some anti reduction and reduction and prevention of parts, the epic legend according to their choice of equipment collocation. A perfect accessory to a teammate with aura assisted more than 50 of the damage was not a problem. Of course, auxiliary equipment, as well as I did not introduce, than the fake powder aura, etc., which are waiting for you to find out. We next goodbye.

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