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wangyiyouxi· 2016-08-06 11:11:06

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Beijing time on August 6, 2016, TI group phase B group in the last round of the end of the game, a few days before the performance of bad secret and FNATIC have bottomed out, EHOME and NB successfully qualify for the winner VG.R group, unfortunately fall into the group of losers. EHOME and DC in the first name of the last round of the battle, the final EHOME draw with DC, had higher scores in EHOME B in the final group qualify for the final winner.


bladder glory of the first game, MVP chose Na Jiahai with the demon line core, and choose the light Daniel and promote the two hero restrictions for the NB face MVP small Naga, NB once again selected its own yesterday bad black system, not the MU to choose Haska the front row meat shield and backhand hero oracle.

on the line, MVP got a black blood through a wound, although took a blood, but the development of NB advantage road is good, but the middle MU is subject to no small disturbance, fat blue and light even double tower rushed to kill MU god. MVP small Naga development has not been the same interference, 10 minutes the economy reached 5000.

NB at the end of the period of strong ushered in its own line, black fish physical output NB will also help Roshan control firmly in their own hands, without forming Naga nor what combat. After the big fish jump knife, NB through the GANK and push the tower further suppress the MVP pile space. Two heroes MVP should have been in the mid guard tower, are somewhat confused, Daniel has money, only a push wave level optical method, and what might not keep the tower.

grabbed the vacuum forming NB on the Naga, decisive high, black Hasker and demolition of the tower up with Oracle strokes and reply, NB has broken off three MVP, successfully won the first set, and this also help NB successfully locked the winner group quota.


give five brawny second game, NB chose to require a lot of development time gold, also took out the version has been abandoned aircraft, while MVP is out of a very love five melee red face lineup, QO also got their own sign PA.

on the line, the two sides launched in the middle of the fight, 2 to 2 of the case, or the MVP side of the cattle PA to have more advantage.

14 minutes, MVP chose to shield after vanity get offerings, and NB doesn't want to put the meat mountain, the two sides launched a contest in the meat mountain, although the MVP void space, but the success of the segmentation of NB side of the formation, kill two brother NB here, PA will immortality in the bag.

MVP strong red face lineup in 15 minutes in their strong period, in addition to the lack of NB output plane with the few men have absolutely no way, MVP repeatedly rushed tower NB kill the hero, and alchemy in early development miserable situation, close to 20 minutes before doing it that MVP has broken the flamboyant, NB Road, MVP also did not give the chance of FARM, 21 minutes to the end of the battle. MVP also successfully promoted to the winner group.

dying to pull a sharedzilla

in the face of a few days ago, the poor performance of the FNATIC, VG.R could not continue in good condition yesterday beat liquid, in this crucial contest, 0 than 2 defeated, especially in the second game, both sides played very anxious, always have an advantage in VG.R head count, but the face wash face 6 God alchemy, black system or appears to be some brittle, eventually VG.R with 4 points, the bottom panel, if two matches, the VG.R have the opportunity to play off with MVP.

and LIQUID secret play is also very anxious, the liquid in the draw race, victory into the winning group under the condition of the poor state of the secret before being called 2 to 0, RTZ excellent in the two games to play, logging second department is in the liquid water gate is reminiscent of his run amuck, is the 9000 player.

in the first group competition, EHOME and DC in BO2 performed very well, several waves of arrests the first DC with the middle of a successful comeback. EHOME face W33 skills in the second meter, were selected for the old axe, 11 key jump to deliver the goods, at W33 meter is difficult to play, the two sides finally a shake hands, EHOME will keep their first group. Author:

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