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recently, Jinqiao Qiao in Beijing to celebrate the 41 year old birthday, the star friends have come to congratulate: Zhang Ziyi, Xianghua strong couples, Xiang and his wife, Chen Dong, Zhu... Lineup is very luxurious. Jinqiaoqiao who by virtue of "journey to the west" in the "Peacock Princess" one horn is known to the audience, and after marriage and bona film group president in the winter, she will slowly fade out of the the entertainment circle, with good interpersonal skills and a duck in the social circle. Actually, circle and a lot of actress after marriage, select the gorgeous, to give up acting career, joined the ranks of the ladies, open a new heaven and earth.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > jinqiaoqiao 31 years old birthday party

jinqiaoqiao Boehner president madam identity Cannes to go red carpet

jinqiaoqiao dancer was born, "Peacock Princess" famous also was involved in host, producer and other industries. In 2011, she and her husband in the east to get married, but the marriage has been called her "little three host, she very uneven, known in the winter of 2009, the divorce, but he is met in 2011.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > figure left Jinqiao Qiao and her husband Cannes walked the red carpet, right jinqiaoqiao show dance skills

2014, she to Boehner president madam identity and her husband were walking the red carpet in Cannes, limelight and even cover, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi. After marriage she moved slowly, the social circle, become a well connected "socialite".

] Jin Qiaoqiao and daughter small watermelon

Xue Zhi Lun marriage is said Hong Kong "Queen" of social

Xue Zhilun once played "a Chinese ghost story" Xiaoqing, born in a wealthy family. His paternal inheritance, she lived a rich life of leisure, 1989, she encounters a disco in Hong Kong's five richest one Ma Kam Chan son Ma Qingwei, three months after a shotgun wedding of two people, married her to give up the career, instead aspect agency junction Yangwei ball field, because of strong wear fashion and communication ability and get the title of "Queen" of social.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > figure left Xue Zhilun and Eddie, right Xue Zhilun and Lynn

although later divorce, but her celebrity status remained stable. Only in recent years, Xue Zhilun face seems more and more pointed. This she insisted that no plastic surgery, but the "point of view".

] Xue < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > Zhi Lun recent photos

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > the left-hand side of the figure may Kwong couple, right centre right may Kwong intermediate Cathy / span>

but after marriage, her husband had have a period of time the mood is not stable, grumpy that may Kwong is very painful, even thought of a divorce. But until now, they have had two children, husband mood stable, happy life. She and hundreds of billions of Cathy Chui, Gigi Lai, and so are friends, sister group often party.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > may Kwong and Linda Chung, cen Lixiang, Kuo and girlfriends party

Cathy married socialite life all the way smooth

of today's Cathy. They are often called by the netizen "the winner in life. Her debut early but almost zero scandal, 24 years old when he and billionaire Lee Shau Kee, the second son of Li Ka Shing marriage, reportedly the wedding cost seven billion, known as "century fairy tale wedding".

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > figure left Cathy Li Ka Shing couple, right Cathy attended the activity

marriage naturally she withdraw from the entertainment circle, and has two daughters and two sons, and therefore is deep father-in-law favor. After giving birth to son, said her husband gave her a 20 carat diamond ring and a yacht. In addition, Cathy Chui is a generous, decent words, in the circle also has a good reputation.

* "wide too" Cathy and friends Gigi

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > figure left Aimee sun and her husband, right Aimee sun and Elva Hsiao

2001, Liao Zhenhan in Taipei City pioneering large shopping center "breeze Plaza". Aimee sun also due to frequent in the breeze Plaza exposure and fame. In order to promote her husband's career, she often attends fashion party, has become the darling of the agency at the junction of the, is now Taipei fashion circle leading ladies.

] Aimee sun and Carina Lau, Fan Bingbing attended activities

uphill sodium poetry with aristocratic identity do insurance industry

mountain sodium poetry is Julian's cousin, who is also a former TVB artistes, once and Anita Mui, Carina Lau, Sandra ng, and said "Kowloon Women". She played both in the entertainment scene, also sang songs, but there has been no fire, but also experienced the two failed marriages. Then she simply quit the entertainment, using their social skills and contacts circle, the start of the insurance industry, and among the ladies.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > figure left uphill sodium poetry and Julian, right Dou Jingtong and Hillary< /span>

2014 < span style = "line-height: 20.48px;" > the uphill opening hot pot shop sodium poetry , Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jacky Cheung, Zhang Jiahui, actor level characters have went to congratulate. In addition, she and Maggie Cheung, Suki Kwan, Faye Wong also very good, the daughter of Hillary and Dou Jingtong are good bestie.

^ < span style = "color RGB (136, 136, 136); line-height: 20.48px;" > uphill sodium poetry pot shops opening circle of friends arrived at the scene to celebrate < /p>

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