Millet VR cited friends crazy Tucao: ugly like a pocket

Millet friends pockets local flavor

hulianwangdeyixieshi· 2016-08-06 12:34:52

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"content_img_p" this afternoon, millet VR finally lifted the veil, so that we see the true face. Just after "netizens Tucao millet Air than a coin is thin piece, and immediately rushed to the millet VR Tucao conference hall, the hand piece is infested, please Hold.

Tucao point one: ugly like a pocket

to tell the truth, small make up the first time to see millet VR, always feel that something is wrong, but also familiar with the unfamiliar. Until the truth is revealed to the users.

Tucao point two: consider heat? "

millet VR using cotton Lycra design, but also the relative seal design, so I am afraid that some difficult heat dissipation. In addition, millet phone has always been a fever, running VR video fever will become more and more serious, so wearing a millet VR, I'm afraid I still need some spirit of adventure.

Tucao point three:

millet VR support DIY customization, but millet provides choice, local flavor and pavement, was almost down. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" on the millet VR, we have a lot of questions, hope to provide the official reply as soon as possible. For example, whether can use myopia, PD is able to adjust. As to whether it is worthwhile to buy millet

VR, we believe that if the price is just 49 yuan, bought as a toy to play down anyway, the definition depends on your mobile phone screen resolution is enough, whether to reach 2K, performance is more dependent on the performance of your hand machine. If the picture is not clear, millet VR can not back this pot oh.

in the end, the current release of millet is just a toy version, the future should be a professional version or the standard version of the release, support for Google Daydream.

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