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summer pregnant mammy is really vulnerable! Was afraid of heat, but also catch up with this summer, are really miserable! In addition to drink plenty of water, what can do? Heat pressing, hot weather is not what you ought to do? Don't step on mine do not know! "


Chinese vision for summer, heavy body, slightly higher than normal body temperature, and more heat than ordinary Mommy will undoubtedly be a huge challenge. Such a high temperature, physical condition of pregnant women as a special group, should pay more attention to the anti high temperature hot weather, mom! How to avoid minefields Enron summer? Xiaobian this will give you one by one to say ~

, cannot cover, can not catch a cold

face hot weather, not only cannot cover the pregnant mother, can not catch a cold. Cover easily cover the heat, cover the prickly heat, but also make the pregnant mother prone to chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, but not Tanliang, let the flu virus to take advantage of a weak point of drinking iced drinks, should pay more attention to, so as not to stimulate the stomach.


summer head, pregnant mammy should avoid the midday trip, noon sun was shining when the outdoor temperature is extremely high, travel will bring to the body discomfort, body temperature is too high, easy to cause the phenomenon of heat stroke. If necessary, travel, be sure to do the protective measures, choose light colored clothing can reduce the heat, remember the umbrella! If not, must seek help.

two, the clever use of air conditioning, refreshing the summer

many mothers in order to comfort, often the air conditioning temperature is very low, however, pregnant women in the use of air conditioning, air conditioning can not be too strong, if too strong, can make the skin shrink, repeated this may cause contraction of the uterus, abortion, the likelihood of premature birth. In addition, excessive body contraction will also become the cause of the disease. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the use of air conditioning, room temperature maintained at 25 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference of 5 degrees, but also pay attention to sleep at night to open some of the weak cold air oh ~

in the outdoor and indoor temperature is very hot. Under the condition of low, you will find that you will tremble when the environment changes. The best way is to open the room when you are out, and when you come back, turn off the air conditioner. The advantage of this is that when you return to the room, the room is cool, and when you have been in the room, it will not feel too cool. In addition, you need to turn off the air conditioning in the night, until the day before dawn must be on the toilet when the time to open it.

three, selection of cotton products, at ease

quasi mother should choose a more absorbent and breathable cotton products, with a wide, comfortable. Pregnant women during pregnancy and accelerate blood circulation, very easy to perspire, often swollen legs. Tight clothes not only affects the growth of breast development, easily lead to postpartum less milk or no milk, but also can reduce abdominal oppression placental blood flow, causing damage to the fetal growth and development. Therefore, it is better to choose a size larger than the size of the clothes. Pregnant women wear shoes, it should be light and comfortable flat with shoes, there is a strong and wide followed by support the body, the soles of the best anti slip lines, so as not to fall.

maternity choice is very important Oh, I believe that the vast majority of pregnant mother in the choice of maternity, as well as the primary choice is comfortable to wear, and the appearance of choice, the United States and the United States and the wear comfort, in the summer bright summer, safe and comfortable Oh ~ don't choose some suitable the clothing for the United States, do not lose the greater Oh!

four, cool recipes recommended

don't just drink water, soup, taste good refreshing oh ~

melon soup

photograph: Pacific Family network

ingredients: melon 200 grams, letinous edodes 2, 1 bowls of soup, 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper


1, white gourd peel And remove the melon seeds, after the wash, cut into pieces. Letinous edodes

2, wash clean, remove and cut into pieces of letinous edodes letinous edodes pedicle (if it is dry with letinous edodes, first soaked).

3, the stock into the pot, add melon slices, simmer to soften the wax gourd.

4, and then into the letinous edodes film. After

5, letinous edodes cooked, transferred to salt and pepper, mix well.

1, white lotus soup melon peeled, seeded and cut into small pieces, lotus seeds with cold water soak for one hour in advance.

2, letinous edodes will be washed clean, spare.

3, melon, lotus and letinous edodes were together into the pot, add water before the ingredients, after the fire to boil, put into a small fire boil for 30 minutes.

4, such as wax gourd become transparent, add salt.

wax gourd diuresis detumescence, stomach fire function, but also contains protein, crude fiber, calcium and iron and other nutrients, a lot of easy cooking, containing vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and other trace elements rich, to eliminate edema has certain auxiliary function, is a refreshing summer good Mommy helper.

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