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tuwanwang· 2016-08-06 13:53:27

Beijing time on August 5th, Miss (the famous commentary before the occupation player) issued a long article to live before the hook event apologized on micro-blog.

Beijing time on August 5th, Miss (the famous commentary before the occupation player) issued a long article to live before the hook event apologized on micro-blog.

onhook event:

in a game, MISS party advantage, more than and 20 minutes have been torn down each other's central highlands. But MISS did not get the blue, began her just complain, and even joked that I was robbed of my blue, I sing to him. After the team ready to go play dragon, MISS see each other over the past to do auxiliary field seconds away, the result was the enemy ambush killed, then MISS will be playing field of all kinds of abuse. This makes MISS feel very wronged, teammates own mistakes never said, but a variety of their own mistakes were ridiculed, especially in the wild. Then Miss and they quarreled, had decided to hang up.


full apology recently a lot of attention to my anger spray actor "thing, I think, feel that they do very well, to apologize to you here!

gaming as a public figure, I should not be so do not control their own game mood, especially a lot of pupils in my live, this is not a good example. Since childhood education, I want to be a responsible person, his words and deeds need to be responsible for the adverse effects caused by you, I am really sorry, we do not learn from me ah.

maybe many people do not know the day why I live the emotional day with you explain a little more: I play the single row

line of the tsar, enchantress, did not support the Buff blue enchantress will be infinite pressure forces by wire czar in the tower, it is difficult to walk to her, in the early stage of a threat to the tsar.

in this kind of case, my teammates chose him to play wild disciplinary off second blue buff, third blue buff refresh, vampire over my face away, and I walked in to a wood beside the blue BUFF fourth blue BUFF more than and 30 minutes as a punishment. A demon did not get blue, at this point I have been a bit depressed, but the head got 8, in the support of the books, but also can accept, I joked with the audience, I will sing in his grab my blue (Death Song) to him.

I'm going to kill time until the wind was a female, show, teammates began to spray me, some harsh words to greet, think of themselves playing games so seriously, teammate data also 1-8, often do not put the big move, think met actor, at that moment, I feel super grievance, see a lot of things words, I did not control their emotions, to others words back to the sentence: why don't you have a tutor, your family is just a "table", then select the hook.

this one ended, I feel sorry for the same office serious game Lu Xian, I flew with his friends and apologize to him, in the live broadcast at the same time with him after the double promotion race, after he also joked with me to earn 70 points wins.

I didn't have a heart to hurt people, and I didn't think that this would cause such a big impact. I love the game, before playing Warcraft 3 dozen the occupation because of a tactical execution is not good, not bad and hate myself angrily smashing the keyboard. When playing the game, I was too involved, and sometimes difficult to control emotions.

this thing really I do wrong, I need to be responsible for their own words and deeds, or to say sorry, do not learn from me, I will not do so, everyone supervision, I will be more direct seeding (Chang) (GE) to make up for the people I love. You can also last month black I am a boy, I do not resist it.

not to hang up, I should not do that, I also should not ignore malicious abuse of people. The last call "actors" less routine, more sincerity! "

Xiao Bian said: do not give the Miss blue buddy, you can really take it forgranted ah, do you know if the wind held 6100 have no chance to make a blue Miss. But you dare so big brother good Mody, not afraid of my team to open the big nose in the past, giving you a yellow card for instantaneous explosion.

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