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for sports fans, any sports events will not miss, but the Olympic Games once every four years is to pay special attention to. This year's Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Rio has become history's first Olympic host countries of South America is also the first Portuguese host city.

Rio Olympics (pictures from Baidu pictures)


theme is a customized version of the Olympic Games, as a global partner of Samsung just prior to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy  S7  edge; the Rio Olympics enjoy edition, compared to the standard version of modified version in the fuselage the Olympic rings of color (blue yellow black Lv Hong) a symbol of unity and harmony, the five continents and the athletes of the world Together in the Olympic Games together. And built in the Olympic theme, so that each time you can experience the interactive experience of the Olympic movement of the purpose of faster, higher, stronger.

Samsung Galaxy  S7  edge enjoy the Rio Olympic Edition

in addition to a customized version of the partner, Lenovo ZUK also launched ZUK  Z2 Rio, refuels for Olympic games. With such a customized version of the Olympic Games just to see the game is not a taste of the game do not have it.

ZUK  Z2  

  style= margin-top: 14px; margin-bottom: 14px; word-break: normal; color: RGB (51, 51, 51); white-space: normal; font-variant-numeric: important; font-stretch: normal! Normal! Important; line-height:; important; 30px; >!" in to buy the right equipment after we are not to look at the game, compared to ordinary broadcast, the Rio Olympic Games will use VR technology the 360 degree coverage, so that the audience can feel like be personally on the scene. But the news that in addition to the opening and closing ceremony of the OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service) every day will only choose a game for VR screen broadcast (and time will be postponed).

VR +8K broadcast video experience visual feast (pictures from the Internet)

in addition to VR technology brings visual feast, the Olympic Games will also introduce 8K (33 million pixels high), only in the Japan 8K industry development but by the broadcast, but the rest of the audience can be Enjoy the 4K signal source.


in fact above the field, this year's Olympic Games in Rio will also introduce many high-tech. For example, taekwondo will use the electronic gear, gear range from the trunk extension to the helmet, and uniform color will be more abundant.

Taekwondo electronic protective (pictures from the Internet)

archery will also use the electronic target, compared to visual identification accuracy is higher. It is reported that two new targets of the scanning device can distinguish the perception of the human eye can not 0.2mm within the gap, and the judgment results can be displayed in seconds.

track camera (pictures from the Internet)

in track and field, starting performance has also been improved, and to determine the false start is more strict. Terminal also set the camera can take 10 thousand pictures of the camera, to accurately determine the position of the movement and arrival.

anti Zika virus sportswear (pictures from the Internet)

as the South American nation is Zika virus hit, this disease transmitted by mosquitoes is threatening the health of the Olympic athletes, so the surface cover the special anti microbial coatings, can effectively reduce the risk of infection is put on clothing In use.

3D printing Mini bump (picture taken from cnBeta)

Nike for the Rio Olympics designed the mini bump silicon colloid by 3D printing technology in the clothing, in order to reduce wind resistance, effectively improve the athletes speed; Adidas is using body scanners to tailor for swimming athlete; Rui The Athos (Assos), a clothing brand, uses wind tunnel theory to design suitable clothes for American cyclists.

strong> report:

for news reports said the thirty-first Summer Olympic Games official photography partner Getty  Images will be used; from the UK company called" Mark  in multiple venues this year's Olympic Games in full; Roberts  the new robot shooting technology MotionControl development studio.

media of the Olympic equipment (picture taken from Mashable

for the conventional remote camera equipment once installed cannot change angle can capture specific angle picture. Mark  Roberts  MotionControl studio intelligent machine camera can be rotated by 360 DEG, and has teamed up with Japanese companies Nikon were tested, the company also plans to install the intelligent machine camera in the venue of the 20 Olympic Games in.

shooting equipment (pictures from the Internet)

sports or when athletes moving at the venue, the cameraman can through the tablet computer or notebook corresponding software control of these intelligent cameras to capture specific picture. Moreover, they can even set the camera's angle, the mode of pre set to facilitate their operations.

Simera air floating panoramic camera (images from the Internet)

Simera air floating panoramic camera, which has been likened to "live with the ability of personalized customized version of Google earth". Each camera has 13 cameras, which are sealed in a cylinder, usually with a hot air balloon up to a set height. In addition to video features, it also provides real-time monitoring options, updated once per second. Each equipment weighs 40 pounds (about 18 kg), will be deployed in the 4 main competition venues over 200 meters. />

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