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i horse news August 6th news. The horse venture jointly organized with fortune venture capital second a horse Fair held in Beijing today. Neutron star founder Zhang Peng attended the event and delivered a speech.

Zhang Peng said, many small and medium enterprises in the face of a variety of financial instruments or financing do not know the who, in the face of this situation, " neutron star proposed to do business expert CFO outside the brain, and provide relevant services for enterprises.

neutron stars want to form an ecological, namely financial ecosystem of enterprises, from the ecosystem and then cut more services, " most; Eventually become a comprehensive external management experts.

a meeting in IDG investment partner Niu Kuiguang, fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong, chairman of entrepreneurs horse Niu Wenwen as a witness, Zhang Peng announced that star neutron star enterprises launch full text of the first corporate finance festival. is a fair on the first day, the financial section of turnover reached 8 million which means.

the following is the speech by I horse edited excerpt: "

hello! Today, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share with you to share our experience and experience to do business services.

you see this topic " "with the development of financial help SMEs , why should we do small and medium sized enterprises financial services ? There have been a lot of banks, why do we still do this thing?

this should be from our little at the beginning of the heart, our team had financial background, investment banks, Wall Street traders, did the equity investment. In this process, we found that many small and medium-sized enterprise boss will come to us, asked me to find a good project should not vote? or I am now very good business profits, I should do something, you should buy stocks? All kinds of problems are very many.

and we found that many enterprises from the boss to finance, do not know how to invest, this is a very big pain point. many companies do billions of scale or a family business, his finances may be their relatives and friends, will not understand how the accounting, financing and investment. We want to be able to do such a service platform for small and medium enterprises. This is the original intention of our financial services.

financial instruments should be how to use?

we see a lot of small and medium enterprises face a variety of financial instruments at a loss. For example, I should put the money in the bank, or should be put in the stock market, or should do a little VC to the angel? In Beijing we have seen very more affluent city to the boss or business owner, they earned money industry angel, finally success rate is very low.

they do not know what to find financing for bank, who is looking for a small loan company, or find other financial institutions? Small and medium enterprises are facing the problem of how to choose financial services, who can help me choose? This is a very big problem for them.

we see this trend put forward an idea, we want to do business outside the brain expert CFO. Maybe a lot of people would like to CFO what is it? I think most companies do not have a very good CFO, I've seen a lot of people have a very good investment experience, capital market background, when he CFO to hundreds of thousands, millions of annual salary, " but have a good CFO on the development of enterprises have very big use.

some large enterprises now play very well, the capital market, needless to say, we can treasure Vanke, also often see some companies bought some large enterprises use what leverage. So if there is a good CFO can do things in the capital market, there is a good CFO can also put the financing, investment and good play. So we as the service providers outside the brain, can provide such services for enterprises.

; we can help enterprises What for?

first, you may take the angel or A round of investment, this time how to do? I listen to a lot of guests that winter capital just in winter, every penny for you is very important, " if you can keep the revenue increase, your money may hire a person, even let the office area slightly a little, this is very important. like sugar nurse and fight bean supper of the two, put the money in our here do we provide financial value, rate of return is much higher than bank financing, not only take into account the safety, taking into account the liquidity, put the money in here every month can get a part of wages.

at the same time, we can also according to the characteristics of enterprises, to provide consulting services for him, including how to plan tax planning, how to finance capital, will make him very satisfactory, "

we can help traditional enterprise what? Now many of the traditional enterprise in the context of the economic downturn faced many problems, there are a lot of money to improve the efficiency of the use of. has a typical traditional customers, to make tires, to find all the banks, there is no way to provide him with a good financial services, and we can.

another traditional enterprise customers asked if we could help him to go the Internet industry? We say yes, we help him to introduce a lot of Internet entrepreneurs mentor, to solve the problem of his Internet transformation, he is very satisfied. The boss said I am also very rich, but also hope that financial management, we also provide him with a high net worth of financial products. Style= max-width: " this has formed a full range of solutions for him to solve a lot of problems.

these services are not provided by the bank.

financial services, is only money?

financial service is not just financial. Financial management is the demand of the enterprise, but not necessarily the things he is very eager to put money in the banking industry can ah, I do not necessarily need to finance. Our idea is to become a real business through financial services platform.

it contains a closed loop, includes how you manage cash, make cash more efficient, a lot of enterprises a period if the charge Benefits increase, significantly improve the profitability of the enterprise.

us in the dark horse camp has some typical students, they are doing agriculture, will face a lot of farmers, farmers need capital operation. At the same time, these people can not borrow money from a bank, since these farmers are very honest, you can guarantee their products, then we do a financial services, can provide funds for your farmers, when returning funds can earn capital gains. this also solves the problem of their capital operation, the enterprise has transformed into a platform.

"I believe many startups will say is a platform, the vertical segments of the industry leaders should do, but how to make real income platform? It is clear that only the flow of information is not possible to generate revenue, only to become financial supply chain products, in order to play out the financial ability to generate more revenue.

skip the financial intermediaries, direct service users

we will eventually form a ecological, we call this the financial ecosystem of enterprise, " from the ecological we can also cut a circle More than other services, and ultimately become a comprehensive external management experts.

one would think that the neutron star with the bank. What is the difference? We are professional people to do professional things, this is a very vertical field, we are financial background, we can put this ability to play out. Because we used to have a dream in the organization, is to let our ability to jump over a variety of financial intermediaries, direct transmission to the user. I hope we do these things people can take the professional ability of grafting to the needs of the object, to help enterprises to make money and to save money, to increase enterprise value.

our business line of financial products is more than three months, and now has more than and 300 members, more than 400 million of the transaction amount. I think, " this market is still a blue ocean, very many enterprises have this kind of demand, can not meet their individual needs. how to apply good money, so that more efficient business operations, which is every CEO should be considered, so as to be in the economic downturn, the capital in the winter to survive.

finally, I want to end my speech with the words of Morgan JP: " for the promotion of history is not the law, but the money. this sentence is too harsh, but the financial will allow enterprises to improve production efficiency. If you have no financial development help, you will become a lame athlete can't play your best and ability. So, " hope that through financial services for every small and medium enterprises really play their value, can also have value in their own industry chain, profit, this is our mission.

in addition to do business CFO, neutron star hopes to become the enterprises in the financial field Uber in the future, we sharing can bring value added.

this is our vision and mission. Thank you all!

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