Drones will be used to transport blood and drugs in the United States

Blood the United States drones drugs

cnBeta· 2016-08-07 04:20:04

in the last month to form partnerships with the government of Rwanda, and the use of drones to provide drugs and blood, the end of this month will want to cover a half of the country. It is hoped that the Zipline's Drones will be able to provide the material to save lives in remote parts of the United States, as in Rwanda.

Zipline and founder of CEO said that when you see living in rural or isolated island communities and Native American population has serious health problems, often hope to establish and link between medical city. So we hope that this technology can solve these imbalances. The United States has already fallen behind in the way in which the United States has accepted the technology used to stimulate economic growth. In June this year, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established new rules for commercial UAV is easier to get authorization, but still prevents a number of tasks, and the requirements of UAV operators in the view range of operation.

2 announced a partnership with Rwanda in May, the White House hopes Zipline to carry out the United States in the rural areas of unmanned aerial vehicles. Zipline will apply for the exemption of FAA regulations, and is expected to start operation within 6 months. They Ellumen and three medical company, ASD medical, Bloodworks cooperation, and preliminary plans at Smith Island, Maryland, Washington, San Juan Islands UAV transport.

Zipline's drones charge an electric power that can carry three pounds of blood or medicine for 75 miles. Hospitals can use text messages to book blood or medicine, using parachute landing. UAV navigation through GPS and cellular network, in 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Mattermet and Flirtey companies have also developed a similar UAV delivery system. Flirtey last year, the first time through the UAV to transport the drug to Virginia rural medical center. Zipline is seeking to expand its business scope to East Africa and other middle-income countries and regions, and hopes to expand the scope of operations in the United States as soon as possible. With the maturity and expansion of the system, hope that other countries can see his value. People thought it was an almost impossible thing, but now it is quite possible to prove it, and in fact it's very simple.

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