The original author directed at Wowkie Zhang Plagiarism: the blatant theft

Wowkie Zhang the original author that is the critics

wangyiyule· 2016-08-07 05:31:52

entertainment NetEase reported on August 6th Wowkie Zhang recently in a variety show in the adaptation of the track "airuchaoshui" by critic Liang Huan micro-blog pointed out that foreign famous DJ Zedd arranger copied the single "Candyman", has caused widespread discussion on the Internet the original author, Zedd also through social media and clearly aware of this, said: This is blatant theft!

last night, Wowkie Zhang responded to the "plagiarism" is a self bursts of 8 roll: "indeed in the series when drawing the structure of Candyman series method, this song when I was pleasantly surprised to find out if re used as love is a wonderful! But I was not officially released the song, more than a godsend ah ~ how there are people unhappy? "In recognition of reference, but also blame public opinion.

by foreign users to pass the video to Zedd watch, Candyman's original author Zedd on its official twitter account made it clear: to tell the truth, I think this is a blatant theft of Candyman. "

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