We ended? Gary Song Ji Hyo.


3Gmenhuyule· 2016-08-07 07:54:58

according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean singer Gary "Running Man" in the variety show with Song Ji Hyo "Monday couple" by the audience favorite, 6 years accumulated a large number of fans, many people hope that two people can become a real couple. In his 6 season, asked how the girls confession? Stage fans have shouted to Song Ji Hyo confession, he suddenly said, we ended".

Gary concert at the National Taiwan University Stadium in 6, with "my answer is this guy," you "off TV" kicked off, he took the initiative to wash down standing in the middle of the audience to sing, finally handed the microphone and fans together, the people of the burst table. On the field, he is asked how to the girl's confession, to teach the younger sister secret? The audience have excited shouting to Song Ji Hyo confession, he first smile, then talk to say: "we Chinese end", skip on the topic, finally not to her successful propaganda. Although

skip the topic of Song Ji Hyo, Gary finally still in Taiwan to teach the girl tips, zuitian invited fans at home, "1004 family code" (Korean homonym: Angel), praised the presence of fans are angels; he arch kiss on the court, say the classic saying: "girls and boys no quarrel, boys condition is wrong! "In addition to laugh the audience, he also arch kiss, honest answer questions" about 7 love, first kiss at the age of 16 ", and then laugh shouting" this is a secret". Class= img_box "

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