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Final air pistol men the Olympic Games

wangyitiyu· 2016-08-07 09:15:56

Rio Olympic Games, the men's 10 meter air pistol final finish, China's Pang Wei to 180.4 ring was third, Vietnam's Huang Chunrong to 202.5 ring Olympic record to win, Brazil Chinese shooter Felipe with 202.1 ring runner up.

, the men's 10 meter air pistol qualification, Beijing Olympic champion pangwei showed excellent competitive state, with a score of 590 ranked first, almost equalled the project qualifying 591 ring Olympic record. Defending champion South Korea's Qin Zhongwu, ranked second in the ring 584. Another Chinese player Pu Qifeng hit 577 ring ranked sixteenth missed the final.

Rio Olympic shooting finals with the previous Olympic Games, all of the qualifying result is zero, that is, the final score is not brought into the qualifying. The final adopted new rules, each player hit 2 group 6, then every 2 sent out of a person, until the championship final.

finals of the first group, Pang Wei into the state of slow, 3 only hit 29.4 ring only in sixth, Vietnam's Huang Chunrong 31.5 ring leader, host contestant Felipe 31.2 ring followed, qinzhongwu 30.5 ring was fourth. Second group Pang Wei performance slightly improved, hit the 30.1 ring to 59.5 ring ranked sixth. Felipe Huang Chunrong topped the first 62.5 ring, 61.9 ring out in second, qinzhongwu 59.9 ring in the fifth row.

two per dozen guns on the basis of the total score out of last contestant, two gun after Pang Wei accumulated to 79.7 ring ranking sixth, 81.8 ring and Huang Chunrong Felipe tied for first, India gunmen Tsvangirai out of the bottom. Another two gun, Pang Wei hit 21.3 ring, a total of 100 ring ranked sixth, Huang Chunrong 102.2 ring 101.5 Ring Leader alone, Felipe ranked second, qinzhongwu 100.2 ring in fourth, Russia's Goncharov was eliminated.

to two gun battle, Pang Wei has played 10.3 ring and 10.6 ring, 120.9 ring up to 123.1 to fourth, Huang Chunrong Felipe 121.2 ring ring ranked first, still ranked second, qinzhongwu 120.1 ring fifth, Italy contestant Gio Dado.

continue to two guns, Pang Wei had made a mistake shot 8.6 rings, but Qin Zhongwu also serious mistakes were eliminated, Pang Wei is still ranked fourth, Huang Chunrong and Felipe continue to lead. Then hit two guns, Pang Wei withstood the pressure, a total of 159.6 to enter the ring to enter the medal round, the Slovakia players out, Huang 163.5 ring to expand the advantages, Felipe 162 ring ranked second. The

medal round of the contest, Pang Weixian hit 10.6 ring, then hit 10.2 ring, 180.4 ring runner up to the final. Huang Chunrong 182.6 ring is still ahead, Felipe 181.8 ring followed. The championship, Felipe the last second gun hit 10.2 ring overtake 0.2 ring, finally a gun battle, Huang Chun Rong hit 10.7 ring lore, the final total score of 202.5 ring to create the Olympic record, Vietnam won the gold medal, Felipe to 202.1 ring runner up.

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