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distance of the incident has been over the past 6 days, the Lee family is still anxiously looking for clues to witness. August 1st at 5 pm, 18 year old man from Henan Li Wang driving a motorcycle accident occurred in Henan provincial highway 227 line sections. See Li Wang's body, his parents and brother can't believe: the body almost black, part of the position after the burning of exposed bones. Lee said, DNA identification results show that the deceased was 18 year old Li Wang. On the way home and died in mysterious body burned to black, the Li family feel strange and confused, and the local police immediately issued a reward notice, called the scene "people actively provide clues".

yesterday, police handling the case told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the body was burned, but the case is currently under investigation, to disclose more details. More than 5

8 the morning of 1 August, a man driving a motorcycle traveling from west to east the accident occurred in the Henan provincial road 227 line of a road. Until third days after the incident, the afternoon of August 3rd, Lee talent got the news from the local police department, through the comparison of the dead and the library DNA, found the dead should be one of the family members of the Li family.

"at that time we gave the family all the people in the phone, but in the work of the brother of the phone can not get through. "Deceased brother Li Ming told reporters BYD, 4 during the day, he and his family met brother Li Wang's body in the hospital morgue, didn't know why the 3 day after the incident the police had to contact them.

"almost completely burned, the clothes did not, and some places have seen the bones, but the position of the eyebrows and mouth can be seen a little profile. "Li Ming said, compared to DNA after the final determination, this is the burned body is his brother.

BMC reporter Li Ming to produce a live video, a video after the incident, it seems not bright in the middle, from west to east direction of the road, there are a bunch of things are burning and braved the flames, at the same time, some scattered debris surrounding the scene. Li Ming told reporters BYD, the video is burning glow of his brother and brother, is driving a motorcycle.

Li Wang's father told reporters BYD, the site of the incident only from his home for more than 10 years, "he was riding a motorcycle, as long as there is a more than and 10 minutes into the provincial highway, road home. "

Li Ming said, according to Li Wang's friend's statement, the original 1 day Li Wang is going to attend a friend's wedding," he in the kebab shop, general night work until two or three, reckoned to be a class after a friend borrowed a motorcycle, directly to the home to open in the direction of.

burned motorcycles and bodies, so that the Lee family of Li Wang's death cause of doubt. Li Ming said, he learned from the police department, after police officers found the dead lying on a motorcycle, burning vehicles will be almost the charred, therefore, he and his family have suspected perpetrators knocked brother after motorcycle intentionally placed in motorcycle ignition brother. "But this is yet to be confirmed by the local police.

BYD reporter contacted the police was informed that now can determine the dead is really "burned", but the case is currently under investigation, to disclose more details.

Li Ming told reporters BYD, because the incident is in the morning, they want to try to find the witnesses at the scene after his brother's death, as soon as possible to unlock.

after the incident, the Fengqiu police also posted a reward notice in a nearby town, the announcement said: 5:13 on August 1st, in the territory of Fengqiu County Highway S227 Yingju Town, a man driving Lifan brand Yan Xiao Zhai Cun East Xikou Yingju town without a license plate for a motorcycle traveling from west to east to Fengqiu county (South Fan Village West) accident. Hope insiders actively provide clues to provide clues directly to the case, the reward of 10 thousand yuan in cash, and to provide clues to the secret. The

also did not save enough money to marry daughter-in-law, my son took a … …

"from August 4th to 5, two days in a row, Li Wang's father Lee more than 4 in the morning starting around 5, arrived in Henan provincial road 227 line near Yan Xiao Zhai Cun, this is small son Li Wang is the location of the accident. "Almost 5 points at that time, I kept in there, to see if there is no long-distance business, often run over there, ask if there is a person I see things. "

3 on the afternoon of that suspected small son's death, and then to the 4 day in the morgue to see almost burned blatant bodies, Li could not get" it "and his son together. "Eyebrow, mouth and face are somewhat like but not sure, but a look at the shoes, I think it is his. "

is the Lao Li couple and Li Wang's brother Li Ming recognized the" Jordan "brand sports shoes, is picked up from the scene. Li Ming explained, "that shoes are over the years I and my mother to accompany him to buy, 180 yuan, he likes the shoes but not often wear. "And DNA identification results also finally showed that the body is Li Wang. The

photos of Li Wang clean hair with big eyes and bushy eyes, inch hair lined with white skin, a glance is young appearance. In the Lee family's impression, Li Wang is outgoing, love to make friends, although in more than 100 in the home of Weihui "to help the restaurant skewers children", but not Chutan when cloudy rain Hotel, Li Wangai back home, looking for friends.

Li recalled, read the sixth grade primary school, the younger son had not been reading, like other children in rural areas, to find a job as an apprentice. Li Wang was 13 years old to earn the first paycheck, "although not 1000 dollars, but he gave him his grandfather, grandmother, his uncle, the family to buy food. "The treatment of two children with my brother, Li Wang also love to my son," the girl I bought dozens of dollars a pound, rural see good fruit, to buy clothes. "Li Ming recalls.

two days, Lao Li is very disappointed, because he did not ask a clue. Li Wang accident that section of the road has recently been three or four miles away from the village, which a few days he ran close to the three or four villages to find out, is still nothing.

but Lao Li said, ran outside than stay at home, sit also sit still". Li Wang home, the mother has not to eat or drink to cry for several days, and the more than and 80 year old grandfather from the neighbors heard the little grandson's death, fainted several times.

Li recalled, the 18 year old Li Wang has had a vision for the future. "Open a shop, earn hundreds of thousands, buy a car to buy a house, you have to live in the city. "Li Wangceng told the couple that Lao li. "Filial piety" is Lao Li often talks about the evaluation, "I work tired, but also to buy me a bottle of wine let me tired.

Li growing wheat and maize, the slack when he went to the surrounding villages and even Beijing, Inner Mongolia construction site part-time. "My little son to see me tired, always say 'dad, you don't do', I said nothing, I looked at the office. The child is 18 years old, a few years to build a house, get married, it may not be as small as two hundred thousand, not to work, not hard, rely on farming, what time can save the money? "

Lao Li said to her little son's house is built, the money to get married Caicun under ten thousand or twenty thousand," marry a wife haven't saved enough money, I go to … … "Lao Li said, he will spend all the money on my small son, let him go.

let Lee feel regret, he had not seen nearly half a year younger son, "he didn't come back when the wheat harvest, the wheat back, and I go to work. A month ago, arrears working outside of the mobile phone with the mobile phone li, someone called Li Wang and asked his son to help pay the bill. "He will give me 100 yuan, I do not let, and finally gave me 50 yuan. "

phone, Lee told Li Wangchang to call home" ask your mother lacks enough money ", also asked his son how the shop told him," well with others ", do Li Wang on the phone said" good".

in the police's reward notice, the Lee family through the home of a WeChat public number released its own reward announcement, the only difference is that Lee's family mark the reward amount is 50 thousand yuan. Lao Li said, this is almost a couple of nearly 5 years of income.

this group text / reporter Zhang Ya

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