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] - the United States education system 2016 the latest employment survey, computer science PK out of many professional become the most welcome by the employer of the professional, this information is highly developed in the era of IT, Master beloved, computer science related professional will become a popular professional, 86 today to study network you to check the ten American Professional School of computer and information science Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute ~

1. most cattle of Technology

MIT is the world's leading private research university, although not the Ivy League, but the strength of the school completely lost in any Suoteng school. MIT has a leading world class computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory and brings together the world's top science and technology of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, is a large number of IT up to the ideal hall.

2. Stanford of Stanford University University

Stanford University in the research direction of computer science is very comprehensive, and in various research direction is one of the best. Has a large number of well-known alumni, such as the founder of the Google Brin Sergey, vice president of Cerf Vinton, Intel's R. Barrett CEOCraig.

3. University of Southern California

south of University of Southern California, the oldest private research university in the west coast of the United states. In 2016 the United States ranked 23.

4. Harvey Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College Mudd College is one of the top American Arts and Engineering College, cultivate many outstanding scientists and engineers. Harvey M De is the characteristics of college graduates enter higher institutions after tuition is free, most of the students are the following schools: Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, absorption, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, etc.. Rochester Rochester Institute of Technology


5. is famous for its art, design, computer science, image science and engineering science. And many universities in China have a cooperative relationship. "Life of Pi" 3D animation designer Scott Vosbury, Rich Enders and Jen Stratton is from RIT.

6. Carnegie Mellon University

CMU of Carnegie Mellon University is a few American computer science will become one of the Independent School of the University, the nation and the world is the largest school of computer.

7. University of California at the University of California in Losangeles - Los Angeles

UCLA computer science specialty very refined, and the school from the Silicon Valley near, have the advantage of employment. University University of Pennsylvania of Pennsylvania

8. engineering and Applied Science School of University of Pennsylvania is one of the best engineering schools in the United States. Computer science department has opened a total of artificial intelligence, graphics, information management, software principles, systems and theory of six professional branches.

9. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI has long been one of the best schools in the new England region, the student's popularity, second only to Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT. According to the Princeton review, Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the professional game development game design professional field row 8

10. Stevens Institute of Technology

of the Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology School of engineering and science mission is to build the future of mankind to the network, and clearly realize that the future development of Computer Engineering in commercial operation. The Institute of Computer Engineering (CE) and Computer Science (CS) undergraduate education in the United States have a reputation.

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