The food 3D printer tells you what to do in the future.

Food 3D printer

tengxunshuma· 2016-08-07 15:33:24

Tencent digital news (Translation: rice) 3D printing technology is currently the most actually from our life is still relatively far away, but if we can use this technology in the field of food cooking, then according to the consumer's attention will cause the common to. At

, researchers at the Columbia University in New York developed a 3D food printer, and basically can deal with any kind of food, want to be able to attract consumers, ordinary people can walk into the future.

"we want to create a machine, able to understand how 3D printer technology functions through the production of food, and as much as possible into our daily life. "Columbia University industrial design graduate student Stokhuijzen Drim said. 3D this

printer is not only able to print out the food, but also directly to the cooking. At the moment it's just a concept product, but it's likely to come into our lives in 2020.



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