Tea sister with Liu Qiangdong to attend the party woman is very strong

Liu Qiangdong the sister of tea a woman a mother

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-07 17:53:41

tea sister and her husband Liu Qiangdong to the party

Phoenix Entertainment News in August 5th, according to the blogger "circle of secret" broke the news, Zhang Zetian and her husband Liu Qiang Dong tea sister dinner in a hotel in Inner Mongolia Ordos, is a woman looks more tea taste.

in the picture, all surrounded by tea sister, her long hair, wearing a short sleeved black T white, holding container seemed to be pouring, laugh to reveal a whole row of teeth, Liu Qiangdong is close to the wife, smile. Class= img_box "

micro-blog broke the news screenshot

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